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RA6a: Additional observations, Evidence of esteem

A. Semiconductor Materials and Devices Group (SMDG)
1. Published Work:
259 papers in refereed journals, 151 refereed papers at national and international conferences, 23 invited conference talks (Cullis, David, Parbrook, Rees, Roberts, Whitehouse, Woodhead) and 24 seminars at external organisations (Cullis, David, Houston, Hopkinson, Parbrook, Whitehouse Woods). Cullis has published a major invited review article on ‘Light-Emitting Porous Si’ in J Appl Phys (>330 citations to date) and has edited 3 international conference Proceedings. Robson has edited one book and has prepared one book chapter. A patent on ‘GaInAs(N)/AlGaAs APDs’ is in preparation (Rees). Parbrook has contributed to public awarness of science by editing the book ‘Gaijin Scientist’ (BCCJ).

2. International Visibility and Standing: Cullis is Co-ordinating Editor of Materials Science and Engineering Reports (Elsevier) and is shortly to join the Editorial Board of Ultramicroscopy (Elsevier). Rees is a member of the Editorial Boards of Solid State Electronics (Pergamon) and of the International Journal of Numerical Modelling (Wiley). Staff have served on Organising and other Committees of International conferences (Cullis 4, Rees 1, Whitehouse 5) and Cullis is founder and Chairman of the Microscopy of Semiconducting Materials international conference series. Robson is a Fellow of the Indian National Academy of Sciences and a member of the Advisory Board, Institute for Materials Research, Univ of Singapore. Whitehouse is Chairman of the National Advisory Board for Finland’s Centre of Excellence Programme. Cullis is Chairman of the Scientific Council for the TASC-INFM Italian National Lab, Trieste. Houston leads a Royal Society-sponsored Sino-UK Scientific Collaborative Programme. Rees was an MSc proposal adjudicator for the Irish Institutes of Technology. Roberts is a consultant for Elbana Optoelectronics, Dublin. Members of the Group referee for the following journals, Appl Phys Lett, IEEE J Lightwave Techn, IEEE J SSC, IEEE ED Lett, IEEE Trans ED, IEE Proc G, Electron Lett, Int J Num Mod, J Appl Phys, J Crystal Growth, J Mater Res, J Mater Sci, J Phys D: Appl Phys, Phys Rev Lett, Phys Rev B, Semicond Sci Techn, Sol St Electron, Surf Sci, Thin Solid Films.

3. National Visibility and Standing: Robson, OBE is a RS Fellow (member of Research Fellowship Committee) and a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering and of the IEE and IEEE. Whitehouse is ProVice Chancellor for Research at the Univ of Sheffield and is Director of Sheffield Univ Enterprises Ltd and White Rose Research Ltd. Cullis was awarded the degree of DSc at Oxford Univ. Cullis and Whitehouse are Fellows of the IoP, Cullis is a member of the ‘Ion and Plasma Surface Interactions’ Committee and Woodhead was a member of the ‘Semiconductor Physics’ Committee, and also of the IEE Professional Committee on Microengineering. Robson has been a member of the Sensors Foresight Working Party and Whitehouse is a Member of the Foresight National Advisory Committee for Electronic Materials and Devices. Robson has Chaired the Semiconductor Growth and Processing Working Party, DSAC. Cullis, Parbrook, Rees, Whitehouse are members of EPSRC Colleges. Houston was a member of the EPSRC Multiproject Equipment Panel. Rees is technical advisor to OUP, was a Steering Committee member for the Lancaster Univ MSc course on ‘Semiconductor Devices’ and was a panel member assessing RS Research Fellowships and Professorships. Parbrook is Financial Secretary for the DTI-sponsored UK Nitrides Network. Hill gave a course on ‘Experimental Techniques in Semiconductors’ (IoP, Birmingham). Group members have acted as external Examiners for PhD degrees in the UK, France, Sweden and Canada (Cullis 5, Hopkinson 1, Houston 2, Parbrook 2, Rees 6, Whitehouse 5, Woodhead 1, Woods 1) and external postgrad degree courses (Cullis 1, Rees 1, Whitehouse 2).

4. Industrial Collaboration and Involvement: The many collaborative research links with industry and independent laboratories include those with Agilent, Applied Materials (USA), BAE Systems, BT, Corning, DERA, ELOP (Israel), EEV, Lincoln, Epichem, First Inertia Switch, IQE, IMEC (Belgium), Istituto LAMEL (Italy), LETI (France), Lucas-TRW Aerospace, Marconi, PLT Technology (USA), RAL, Sheffield Community Health Services, Soft Imaging Systems (Germany), ST Microelectronics (Italy), Thales (France), Thomas Swan, Uniphase (Netherlands), VG Semicon, Willan Metals Ltd.

B. Electrical Machines and Drives Group (EMDG)
1. Published Work:
12 plenary/invited presentations (Jewell, Howe, Stone) at international and national conferences, 34 invited papers at colloquia and external organisations, 49 refereed journal papers and 122 refereed conference papers and colloquia digests. Contributions to 2 reports (Mellor) on DTI-sponsored missions to the USA/Canada and Japan, 4 patents (Howe, Stone, Jewell), with 2 more being applied for. Howe and Mellor co-presented the 1997 IEE Blumlein Memorial Lecture at IEE, Savoy Place, and the 1999 Alex Horsfield Memorial Lecture at York Society of Engineers.

2. International Visibility and Standing: Group members have served on the organising/steering committees of 6 international conferences (Zhu, Howe), and as session chairs at 9 conferences. Zhu is a Senior Member of the IEEE and a Visiting Professor at the Universities of Hong Kong and Shanghai, Atallah, Bingham and Stone are MIEEE. Howe is an External Assessor for Professorial Appointments at Universiti Putra Malaysia, Howe and Stone have served on EC Framework V project review panels and Jewell is reviewer for the Italian Ministry of Science. Staff have presented and/or participated in 8 overseas Technology Workshops and given 12 invited research seminars at overseas organisations. Group members have acted as external examiners for higher degrees at 5 overseas institutions (Howe 3, Zhu 2), and as referees for the following international journals: IEEE Trans Power Electronics, IEEE Trans Industrial Electronics, IEEE Trans Industrial Applications, IEE Proc Elec Power Applications, Electron Lett, Int J Computational Electromagnetics, J Sound and Vibration, ASME – Vibration and Acoustics.

3. National Visibility and Standing: Howe is Lucas Professor and FIEE, Atallah, Stone and Zhu are MIEE and Bingham is AMIEE. Stone is a Committee Member for the IEE Sheffield Centre and the IEEE Power Electronics Chapter for GB/Ireland, Jewell served on IEE Professional Group P1 and was Chairman of the UK Magnetics Society (1997-9), Bingham serves on the IMechE Machine Systems Technical Activities Committee and Zhu is an Executive Member of UK Chinese Automation and Computer Society. Group members have served on the organising committees of 6 national conferences and have organised 6 colloquia/seminars. They have given 34 invited presentations at colloquia/seminars (eg 20 IEE, 8 UK Magnetics Society, 6 others, eg Manchester Machines Research Group) and given 5 public lectures related to their research. Howe and Jewell are members of EPSRC Colleges and Howe has been a member of the EPSRC Assessment Panel for Masters Training Proposals and of the DTI Civil Aircraft Research and Demonstrator ‘More-electric aircraft and wing systems’ Committee. RSs from the Group won prizes at SET 2000 (hosted at House of Commons), S Yorks and Humberside Universities Poster Competition, IEE Short Papers Competition, Universities Power Engineering Conference, and ICEM (Istanbul). The Group has been awarded an EPSRC Platform Grant (2000-3) and 3 Fellowships (Royal Society Industrial Fellowship (1999-9), EPSRC Advanced Fellowship (2000-4), Royal Academy of Eng Post-Doctoral Fellowship (2000-4).

4. Industrial Collaboration and Involvement: Howe is a co-founder and a director of Magnetic Systems Technology Ltd. The group collaborates with many companies, including Urenco Capenhurst Ltd, Rolls-Royce plc, Control Techniques Ltd, Control Techniques Dynamics Ltd, TRW Aeronautical Systems, Sensor Technology Ltd, Slingsby Engineering Ltd, Defence Evaluation Research Agency, Hawker Energy Systems Ltd, Semelab Ltd, SG Magnets Ltd, Huntleigh Technology plc, Mannesmann and Sachs (Germany), BMW AG (Germany), SAFT (France), TRAXIS (Holland), Volvo (Sweden), Centro Ricerche Fiat (Italy), SAGEM (France), CNM (Spain), Kawasaki Steel Corporation (Japan), Philips Forschungslaboratorien Aachen (Germany). In addition group members have acted as consultants to Lucas Flight Control Systems, Screen Technology Ltd, Johnson Matthey Tech Centre, Bradley Lomas Electrolok Ltd and TRW Aeronautical Systems. The Group has also given on-site post-experience short courses to personnel from DERA (Chertsey), Control Techniques Ltd, Rolls-Royce Strategic Research Centre and Ricardo MTC Ltd.

C. Electronics and Communication Systems Group (ECSG)
1. Published Work: 70 papers in refereed journals, 84 papers at refereed national and international conferences, 14 invited talks at conferences (Chambers 8, Cook 1, Ivey 2, Kingsley 1, Seed 1, Tennant 1). Chambers presented a keynote talk at an NPL conference and Tozer was a co-author of a keynote talk given at ERMR’97. Chambers was awarded a prize at the 21st Antenna Measurement Techniques Association Conference, (October 1999, Monterey, USA). Across the period concerned group members have applied for or been granted a total of 8 patents (Kingsley 6, Seed and Ivey 1, Tozer 1). In 1997 the Department contributed to the public awareness of science by organising the prestigious IEE Faraday Lectures across the UK and Kingsley was a key lecturer.

2. International Visibility and Standing: Group members have served on 15 organising or other committees of international conferences (Bennett 1, Chambers 1, Cook 3, Ivey 7, Kingsley 2, Seed 1) and acted as session chairs (Chambers 1, Cook 1, Ivey 4, Kingsley 3, Seed 1). Kingsley is the Sir Alan Sewell Fellow at Griffith Univ (Australia). Chambers is a member of the International Academic Advisory Panel for ETISALAT (United Arab Emirates Telecommunications Corporation). Ivey has acted as an EU reviewer and project evaluator. Chambers, Ivey and Tozer are Senior Members of the IEEE and Edwards, Seed and Benaissa are Members. Group members have acted as referees for international journals: IEEE Trans Components, Hybrids & Manufacturing Technology, IEEE Trans Antennas and Propagation, IEEE Trans Computers, IEEE Trans VLSI, IEEE Trans Circuits and Systems, IEE Proc – various parts, Electron Lett, Smart Structures and Materials, Semicond Sci and Technol, Physics in Medicine and Biology, Physics and Chemistry of the Earth.

3. National Visibility and Standing: Chambers and Ivey are members of EPSRC Colleges. Several staff have been members of IEE PG committees (Chambers E11, Cook E11/S8, Kingsley E15, Seed E4). Kingsley has been a member of the IEE Premiums Panel and Chambers is a member of the IEE Technical Panel for the PN on Electromagnetics. Kingsley has been a member of Professional Working Group of the Alliance for Marine Remote Sensing Association. Bennett has been a Member of NERC Earth Observation New Observing Techniques Panel. Ivey has been a member of the Review of EPSRC Support for Design Committee. Several group members have acted as external Examiners for PhD candidates (Benaissa 3, Bennett 1, Chambers 4, Ivey 3, Seed 3) and MPhil/MSc candidates (Ivey 2, Chambers 1). 2 group members are Fellows of the IEE (Chambers, Kingsley) and Chartered Engineers (Bennett, Chambers, Cook, Seed, and Tozer). Kingsley is a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society. Group members have organised national colloquia/conferences (Cook 2, Seed 2) and have acted as advisors to a number of organisations (Kingsley – RAF and DERA, Chambers – DSAC). Ivey has acted as Technical and Business Advisor to the DTI Electronics Design Programme and the DTI Microelectronics in Business Programme.

4. Industrial Collaboration and Involvement: Members have collaborated with many industrial companies, including SMEs and external bodies: ADAS, Agilent, ARM, Arris Interactive, BAE Systems, BT, British Museum, Cambridge Silicon Radio Ltd., COE Ltd., DERA, Dialogue Ltd., EEV Lincoln, ERA Technology, FirePower, Fluent Europe Ltd., FTW, Hereaus Noblelight GmbH, Home Grown Cereals Authority, IMER Ltd., Jennic Ltd., Matra, Marconi, Matra Marconi Space UK Ltd., Mitel Semiconductor, MSTB Ltd., Multicore, Nortel, NRSC Ltd., Promatech, RedMag, Screen Technology Ltd., Shaws Ltd., SYA Museum, TTPCom, US DoD, Vodafone, XTEC. Members of the ECSG have undertaken consultancies for: Associated Stealth Consultants, Avesta, BAe Systems, BTR Material Systems Ltd., DERA, DTI, Infinite Designs Ltd., IRIS, Jennic Ltd. Simmons and Simmons, Spanwall, Symonds Travers Morgan, Unipoly, Wadhurst Park Ltd . Kingsley is the Chief Scientist of Antenova Ltd.

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