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RA6a: Additional observations, Evidence of esteem

6. Standing of Research Groups and Individuals
The Ceramics and Glass Research Group has published 279 papers, given 150 invited lectures, of which 22 were keynote and externally-examined 42 PhD theses (10 overseas). New grants of £4.8M (total value £6M including grants shared with University collaborators) have been awarded over the period 1996-2000. Members are on the Ed Boards of 16 journals. 14 Visiting Scientists have worked in the group. Lee, Sharp, West are members of the EPSRC College. During the period Cable was also a member.
Hand is a Vice-President of the Soc Glass Tech, member of the Ceramic Science Comm of the IoM, has given 3 invited lectures notably at the British Glass Conf on Coatings (1999), holds two EPSRC grants, including one ROPA, has several industrial grants, represents the SGT at the ICG, is on the prog comm for ICG 2001, Ed Board of Fatigue and Fracture of Eng Matls and Structures and was Deputy Chair of Sol-Gel ’97. His publications also include research into teaching methodology.
James gave keynote lectures at the 18th ICG (USA 1998) and IXth Int Conf on Physics of Non-Crystalline Solids (USA 1999). He chaired (with Seddon) the 9th Int Workshop on Glasses and Ceramics from Gels (Sol-Gel ’97) and received the Worshipful Company of Glass Sellers Award in Sci and Tech (1999).
Lee presented a keynote lecture at the 7th Asia-Pacific Conf on Electron Microscopy (Singapore, 2000), and invited lectures overseas on 18 occasions. He was awarded the Rosenhain Medal and Prize of the IoM for distinguished achievement in Materials Science (1999), the Pfeil Award (with Rainforth) of the IoM (2000) for a publication of particular merit, is a Fellow of the ACerS (1999), associate editor of their journal and on the editorial boards of 3 journals.
Parker presented a keynote lecture at the 1st Balkans Conf on Glass Sci and Tech, has given 3 invited lectures at national meetings, is active on several org comm for the ICG and SGT, including 2001 ICG, is abstracts and reviews ed for Phys Chem Glasses and Glass Tech and was Publications Ed for 2 years and is Vice President of the Soc Glass Tech.
Reaney gave invited lectures at ISFD5, USA (1998), Electroceramics V, Portugal (1996) and Sol-gel ’97, UK, spent sabbatical periods at Univ Aveiro, Portugal (1999) and Penn State, USA (2000), is principal or co-investigator on 4 EPSRC and 1 DERA grants and has research contracts with several companies including: Morgan Electroceramics, Filtronic Comtek and BC Components (Belgium).
Sharp gave plenary lectures at: Recent Adv in Materials and Mineral Resources (Penang 1999), Solid State Chem (Bratislava 1996) and United Eng Found Conf on Recent Adv in Cement and Concrete (New Hampshire (1996), Banff, Canada (1998) and Quebec (2000)). He chairs the Ceramics Ind Div of the IoM, is Vice President of the Inst Clay Tech and a member of the Sci Comm of two major int cements symposia (Edinburgh 2000, BRE 2001).
Sinclair gave invited lectures to Int confs in Japan (Jap Ceram Soc 1998), France (MDI 1998 and E-MRS 2000) and USA (Electrochem Soc 2000), has funded collaborations with : Majewski, MPI, Stuttgart; Marques, Aveiro (both British Council) and Takeuchi, ONRI, Osaka (AIST), has three current EPSRC grants, was Chair of the annual UK Solid State Chem (RSC) conf (1999) and is a member of this Group’s Committee.
West gave keynote addresses at a NEDO conf on Li batteries, (Tokyo 1998) and 40th Electrochem Conf (Kyoto, Japan 1999), co-chaired 2 major confs (MD1 Bordeaux (1998) and MC4 Dublin (1999)), is on the Ed Board of 5 Journals, was elected Fellow of The Royal Soc Edinburgh (1997), Titular Member of the Inorg Div of IUPAC (1999), received the Industrial Award for Solid State Chemistry of the RSC (1996) and is on the Int Adv Board of the CSIC Materials Research Institutes, Spain (2000).
Cable gave a Keynote Lecture at the ACerS in 1997, on a “Century of Research into Glass Making”, received the President’s Award from the ICG, an Honorary Fellowship from the SGT (1997) is on the Ed Board of Glastechnische Berichte and is official consultant to the Oxford Dictionary for glass technology nomenclature.
The Polymers and Polymer Composites Group has published 161 papers, presented 87 invited lectures of which 13 were Keynotes and externally-examined 40 PhD theses, (5 overseas). New grants of £2.5M (with a total value £4M including shared grants with University collaborators) have been awarded. In addition, the group received £0.35M from the EPSRC equipment initiative. 6 Visiting Scientists have enjoyed collaboration. Jones F, Short, Ungar are members of the EPSRC College and MacNeil is on BBSRC.
France, appointed in 1998, presented inv lect to the Belgium Plastics and Rubber Inst (Brussels 2000) and IoM (London 2000), is council member of the UK Soc for Biomaterials, is on the organising comm of Eur Conf on Biomaterials (London 2001) and has research contracts of value £107k.
Haycock, appointed in 2000, won 1st prize for oral presentation at a New York Acad Sci Conf on Cutaneous Neuroimmunomodulation (1998), is on the Management Comm of the Centre for Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering, Sheffield and is co-recipient (with MacNeil, Ryan, Hunter) of a £330k EPSRC award.
Hayes, appointed in 2000, has been invited to join the Materials and Characterisation Group Comm of the Inst of Physics. is a regular referee for Composites PtA and Int J Fatigue and Fracture, and contributes regularly to the Eur Network on Interphases, including representing Sheffield at a major review at the EU Commission, Brussels.
Jones F gave keynote lectures at 4 int conf, 2 at Gordon Res Conf on Composites (USA, 1998, 2000) and at Polymers ‘99 (Delhi, 1999), has keynote invites for ICMAT 2001 (Singapore) and Eur/USA on Structural Integrity of Composites (CAPRI), received the Kenneth Harris James Prize of the IME, for best paper in Aerospace Eng (1999), is a member of the Steering Comm for RUSTI and is founding chair of the IPCM international conf. He is on the Ed Board of 4 Journals.
MacNeil (RAE return under Medicine) has given 13 invited lectures including: Cold Spring Harbour Symp on MSH, New York, 1999; 17th Int Pigment Cell Conf, Nagoya 1999; European Soc for Pigment Cell Research, Bordeaux 1997 and Ulm 2000, is on the Ed Board of two journals, is Secretary of the Eur Soc for Pigment Cell Res 1998, Co-director of CellTran.
Short gave inv lectures to the Polymillenial Conf of Polymer Div of the ACS (2000), the 2nd Congress on Microwave and Radiofrequency Processing of Materials (USA 2000) and the Amer Vacuum Soc (1996), has keynote invite to 7th Pacific Polymer Conf (Mexico 2001), is on the Management Comm of Cost Action 527 of the EU and Co-Director with MacNeil of CellTran.
Ungar is visiting professor at the Univ of Hiroshima, Japan. He presented inv lectures to int conf on 8 occasions including MRS (San Francisco 1997), the First Eur Gordon Res Conf on Polymers with Controlled Architecture (Chantilly, France 1997) and ACS Symp on Semicrystalline Polymers (New Orleans 1999). His research has featured in Science (1997), Nature (1998) and Physics Review focus (2000). His interaction with Percek (Univ Pennsylvania) constitutes a major int collaboration.
Wright gave plenary lectures to ISPE5 (Sweden 1996) and ISPE7 (Australia 2000), was guest speaker at the Symp of the Swedish Government Prog on Fuel Cells and Batteries and gave a Keynote Lecture at RSC Ann Conf Aberdeen 1997, is on the Ed Board of J Inorg and Organomet Polymers, and the Int Adv Board of PES 2001 (Delft).
The High Performance Metallics and Process Modelling Group has published 335 papers, given 116 invited lectures of which 28 were keynote and externally examined 33 PhD theses (13 overseas). New grants of £5.4M (with a total value of £9.5M including shared grants with University collaborators) have been awarded; additionally, the group received £0.6M from the recent EPSRC equipment initiative. Members are on the Ed Boards of 9 Journals. 20 Visiting Scientists have collaborated over the period of the assessment. Group members have been involved in the organisation of 27 conferences and were Conference Chairmen on 5 occasions. Atkinson, Davies, Jones H, Sellars are on the EPSRC College.
Atkinson presented keynote lect at 6th Int Conf on Semi-Solid Processing (Turin, 2000) and invited int lectures at TMS San Diego (1999) and RWTH (Aachen, 2001). She leads 3 EPSRC programmes (£0.75M), is on the Ed Board of Fatigue and Fracture of Eng Mats and Structures and several UK panels: Foresight Materials (’94-’99), OST Sensors (’97-’98), Foresight Crime Prevention Materials and Chemicals (’99-’00). She served on a Flanders government research prioritisation panel (1999).
Davies presented 31 keynote and invited lectures including the 14th Intl Workshop on Rare Earth Magnets (Sao Paulo, 1996), MRS Conf on Hard and Soft Magnetic Materials (San Francisco, 1999), Chinese Acad Engr Conf on Engr and Tech Sciences (Beijing, 2000), is on Ed Board of 4 journals, was Chair of the EPSRC Advanced Magnetics Programme and leads a new EPSRC network on bulk magnetic materials.
Jones H, gave the opening plenary lecture at RQ10 (Bangalore 1999), lectured at Universities in Japan, Singapore and India, was coorganiser of the leading int conf on solidification processing, Sheffield 1997 (SP’97), is founding editor of Int J Rapid Solidification, was a member of the Foresight Panel for the Foundry Industry and is a member of the Castings Board of the IoM.
Palmiere was recognised as outstanding young member of ASM International (1997), has given 8 inv int lectures including RWTH (Aachen, 2001), Conf of Metallurgists (Ottawa, 2000), the Forum for Nb Precipitation in Ferrite (Düsseldorf, 2000) and at Delft Univ of Technology (1999), is on the Board of Review for J Met and Mat Trans, is on the Adv Board for mechanical testing for the National Physical Laboratory and on the Materials Committee for the Royal Microscopical Soc.

Rainforth gave keynote lectures at EUREM (Dublin 1996), the 7th Asia-Pacific Conf on Electron Microscopy (Singapore 2000), the Gordon Res Conf on Tribology (USA 2000), has keynote invite to the 2nd World Tribology (Vienna, Austria 2001), received the prize for the best micrograph, Conf on Wear of Materials (1999, USA) and, with Lee, The Pfeil Medal and Prize, IoM, edits the RMS Handbook series and sits on several Institute and Society committees.
Sellars presented 12 keynote lectures including at Recrystallisation – ReX 1996 (USA) and Thermec 1997, Australia, is Hon Fellow of the Indian Inst of Metallurgy (1996), the principal investigator behind IMMPETUS, holds the 2000 Research Metallica Chair at KU Leuven, was elected FREng in 1996 and awarded the Thomas Medal of the IoM (1996).
Greenwood, FRS, FREng, gave keynote lectures at 7 int confs including the opening keynote at 13th European Conf on Fracture (1998) and at TMS annual meeting, San Diego, USA (1999). He is assessor for the Research Councils of Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong. He is on the editorial boards of 4 journals and is a consultant to BAe Systems plc.

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