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RA6a: Additional observations, Evidence of esteem

Our success in attracting ESRC support for research students is particularly powerful testimony of the esteem in which the Department is held. Income for this purpose over the RAE period amounted to £526,000 from ESRC (plus £34,500 from CASE partners). The Department’s international standing is confirmed by a range of other evidence [cluster initials given thus].
Refereeing and Examining. All Cat. A staff have reviewed papers for international journals, covering all the leading titles in planning and cognate areas - 34 in total. Staff have refereed grant applications for ESRC, EPSRC, Leverhulme Trust and RICS Education Trust; have been MA/MSc examiners at the Universities of Aberdeen, Cardiff, Dublin, Kingston, Newcastle, Reading, South Bank; Strathclyde and UCL; and have examined research degrees at the Universities of Aberdeen, Cambridge, Delhi, Luton, Newcastle, Paisley, Reading and Strathclyde.
Research advisory activities. [IM] Craglia: Member of Board of Directors of the Association for Geographic Information Laboratories in Europe (60 laboratories in 20 countries); DGXII Round Table on Large Scale Facilities for the Social Sciences, 1997-99; European Science Foundation panel advising DG XII on the "Human Potential“ cross programme of the Fifth R&D Research Programme, 1997. Bibby: DETR Land Use Advisory Committee. Campbell: member, Steering Committee, UK GIS Researchers (GISRUK). [PTP] Campbell: Chair, Subject Area Panel, 1997 ESRC Research Recognition Exercise, 1998 Interim Advanced Course Recognition Exercise and 1999 Interim Research and Advanced Course Recognition Exercises; member, ESRC Board of Examiners for research studentships; supervisor, 1999 AESOP PhD Workshop, Norway. [UR] Henneberry: member, Research Committee of the General Council of RICS and Chair of its Property Research Sub-Committee, 1996-2000; member, Advisory Board of the RICS Research Foundation, 2000.
Editorship. Editorships: [PTP] Campbell (founding, with Profs Healey and Birch and Mr Upton), Planning Theory and Practice; [UR] Henneberry, (founding, with Prof. G Brown and Mr S Brown) Blackwell Scientific/RICS book series Issues in Real Estate. Editorial board membership: [IM] Craglia, Environment and Planning B, and Computers, Environment and Urban Systems; Campbell, International Journal of Geographical Information Science; [UR] Crook, Town Planning Review; Henneberry, Journal of Property Research; Valler, Local Economy.
Visiting research posts
. [IM] Craglia: University of Trento, Italy, 1997; Federal University of Santa Caterina, Brazil, 1997-99; Detached National Expert, Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, Ispra, 2000. [PTP] Campbell: Visiting Scholar, Institute of Urban and Regional Development, University of California, Berkeley, 1998. Abram: Visiting Fellowship, Department of Social Anthropology, University of Oslo, 2000.
International links with the Universities of Lyon-II and Aalborg, the Politechnico di Milan and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Professor John Forester, Cornell University was appointed Visiting Professor in 1999.
Conference contributions. A collective output of 145 conference contributions over the RAE period of which 48 were invited, 14 were to plenary sessions and 33 were given overseas in 13 countries (Australia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, USA). For example, papers by: Abram on people on the move and the territoriality of nations, at a 2-day invited international conference, University of Oslo (2000); Bibby on the contribution of linguistic philosophy to GIS Theory (ESF funded, Esphino, Portugal 1999) and for the GURT applied linguistics conference, Georgetown University, Washington (2000); Booth on regulation, discretion and the evolution of development control, 8th International Planning History Conference, Sydney (1998); Richardson on power and evaluation: constructing tools for sustainable planning’, invited keynote paper, ESRC Seminar Series, Planning, space and sustainability, Cardiff (1999); and Stephenson on institutional capacity at regional level at Regional Studies Association Annual Conference, London (1999).
Publications. 51 papers (net, allowing for joint authorship) were published in 38 major international refereed journals (based in Denmark, France, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, UK and USA), covering all the leading titles in planning and cognate areas.
Research collaborations/conferences. [IM] Craglia: Co-ordinator, GISDATA programme (300 researchers in 20 countries); West-East Linked Laboratories on GIS (€380,000~, EU, 1996-97,); Mercosul-Europe Network on GIS (€8,000~, EU, 1997); Chair, Euroconference Bi-annual Series on GIS and the Social Sciences (€150,000~, EC, 1997-03). Bibby: South East Regional Research Laboratory, University of London (Prof. J. Shepherd). [PTP] Ellis, Stephenson: organisers, 'Planning Research Conference’, 1999, sponsored for the first time by the RTPI, over 130 delegates from Britain, Europe, North America and South Africa, Fainstein gave the opening address. Abram: convenor, Anthropology in Action Group; founder member, Anthropology Wales; convenor of seminar and conference on Governance and Social Anthropology in Oslo, March and October 2000. Booth: co-founder/convenor, French Planning Study Group, organiser of 4 seminars in France and Britain; British representative on the Conseil Scientifique of the Groupement de Recherche sur les Institutions et le Droit de l’Aménagement, de l’Urbanisme et de l’Habitat (GRIDAUH – Université Paris 1). [UR] Crook: research visits to China (1996, 2000): Fuzhou, Wuhan, Xi’an and Beijing; and Canada (2000) CMHC and Universities of Guelph and Toronto. Hughes: member, Yorkshire & Humber Housing Research Group. Henneberry: Chair, organising committee, RICS Annual Research Conference, 1996-99; Member, British section, organising committee, National University of Singapore/RICS Pacific Asia Property Research Conference, 1997. Valler: co-convenor of international conference on ‘Reflections on the Institutional Turn in Local Economic Development,’ see RA5.
Policy and practice. [IM] Craglia: Chair, AGI European Special Interest Group; developed data policy for the EC, invited presentation on access to public sector information to the Swedish Parliament (2000). Bibby: advisor to DETR, the Countryside Agency and the Housing Corporation. [PTP] Ellis: UK Planning Advisor to Friends of the Earth (FoE), appearing for FoE at the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollutions’s Inquiry into Land Use Planning; Founder of the Planning Co-operative; appearance at 3 meetings with Labour Energy Group, House of Commons plus meeting with DETR concerning the review of MPG3, specifically open-cast policy. Campbell, Ellis, Henneberry: preparation of FoE’s written submission on development land values to HM Treasury Review of Fiscal Instruments; study of planning obligations extensively cited in Punter’s report on the ‘Use of Planning Obligations for Urban Regeneration’ for the Urban Task Force; advised DETR on review of Circular 1/97 ‘Planning Obligations’. Ellis: advisor to FoE on regional planning guidance for North East and East Midlands. Abram: member, Forum for District Planners, Norway; external advisor, Asker Kommune, Norway; advisor, Henley Centre for Forecasting on ‘Housing Households, Housing Futures’. Richardson: Advisory Board Member, Centre for Community Work, Czech Republic; contributing expert, ‘Manual on Strategic Environmental Assessment of Transport Infrastructure Plans’ for DGVII; advisor on transport matters for the ‘Regions in partnership: the trans-Pennine corridor study’ for the regional associations and DGXVI. Campbell: Deputy Chair RTPI Commission on Education, Qualifications and Training. Henneberry: advisor to Local Government Association on policy with respect to planning obligations. Marshall: expert advisor on environmental decision-making, TEMPUS project, Tomsk State University. [UR] Crook: Chair, CHOPS, 1996-99; member, Housing Renewal Panel, RTPI; advisor to Institute of Housing; evidence to the House of Commons ETRA Select Committee; non-executive director, South Yorkshire HA group.

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