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RA6a: Additional observations, Evidence of esteem

(a) Evidence of Esteem
Esteem is evident in the international profile of the Department’s senior staff and the developing international profile of junior staff. In addition to the evidence provided through publications, the panel’s attention is drawn to the following indicators of esteem.

External Research Funding. During the review period, the Department has received direct research grants totalling £245,000 from the following: BBC/ITC/ITV/BSC/Channel 4/BSkyB (Gunter/Harrison); ITC (Gunter/Harrison); Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (Gunter); EPSRC (Gunter); Yorkshire Television (Harrison) and Alexander Maxwell Law Trust (Gunter). These grants included £122,000 from UK Central Government Bodies, Health and Hospital Authorities, £90,000 from UK Industry, Commerce and Public Corporations, and £27,000 from OST Research Councils.

International Research Collaboration. Staff have been active in developing international research links. Gunter is part of an international team (UK + US) investigating the impact of the introduction of broadcast television on the island of St Helena. He was also invited, as the only overseas collaborator, to advise on the planning and analysis of a major, industry-funded, US study of TV violence. Sanders is part of a European research team studying media coverage of sleaze. Harrison is a member of a pan-European network investigating the governance of sport. Harrison and Sanders are members of international network studying the effects of digital technology on newsrooms.

International Conferences. All research active staff have given papers (refereed and invited) at major (competitive paper) international conferences in the USA, Canada, Hungary, Israel, France, Spain, Germany, and Singapore: International Communications Association (ICA) (Gunter, Sanders, Wykes), International Association for Media and Communications Research (Sanders), Interdisciplinary Centre for Comparative Research in the Social Sciences, ISA World Congress of Sociology, the European Community Studies Association, University Association for Contemporary European Studies, (Harrison), and the International Society for the Study of European Ideas (Harrison/Sanders). Sanders’ presentation was elected a Top Four Divisional Paper at ICA, 1999. Gunter gave an invited keynote address to open the Duke University Conference on Media Violence and Public Policy (1996). Sanders gave invited addresses in Spain in 1997 to the International Communication conference and the World Association for Public Opinion Research.
UK Conferences. Staff have frequently given papers at UK conferences throughout the review period. Among the highlights were: Gunter gave a keynote address at the Annual Conference of UK Forensic Psychiatrists (Cardiff, 2000) and at a National Conference on Electronic Media and Interactional Technology: Effects upon Children (Cheltenham UK, 1996); Wykes presented invited papers at the Women’s Study Conference (Cardiff, 1996), Association of Media, Communication & Cultural Studies Conference (Sheffield, 1997), and the Media, Risk & Environment conference (Cardiff, 1997. Harrison presented keynote papers at the UACES Research Conference (1998, Lincoln) and the International Broadcasting Symposium (1999, Manchester).
Conference Organisation. Sanders was principal organiser of two national conferences with the Department of Politics and Political Economy Research Centre: ‘Reporting the Economy: Agendas and Effects’ (Sheffield University, March 1997) and ‘Soundbites and Spindoctors’ (Sheffield University, May, 1998). Geared to academic staff and research students, speakers included leading political correspondents and editors of major newspapers and broadcasting organisations.

Editing, Refereeing and Examining: International. Gunter served on the editorial board of the Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media, Media Psychology, and Medien Psychologie. Wykes served on the editorial board of Feminist Media Studies. Staff regularly referee for a range of other international journalism, media and communications journals, and assessed promotion claims overseas.

Editing, Refereeing and Examining: UK. During the review period, staff have maintained a portfolio of external examinerships, have examined research degree theses, and assessed AHRB, ESRC, Leverhulme Trust, MRC, and Wellcome Trust grant applications and final reports.

Learned and Professional Societies, Advisory Bodies, Other Honorary Positions.
Cole served as board member and Harrison as an elected committee member of the Society of Editors. Gunter was Visiting Fellow and Visiting Professor, Department of Psychology, UCL. Sanders was Visiting Lecturer and doctoral programme advisor, University of Navarra, Spain. Cole was a board member of the National Council for the Training of Journalists.

Media. Gunter and Cole have contributed regularly to debates about journalism and media issues through articles and citations in the press and interviews on television and radio. Harrison has also been interviewed on radio and with Sanders has written, by invitation, for broadcast industry journals.

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