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RA6a: Additional observations, Evidence of esteem

ELLIOTT has served as an associate editor of the IMA Journal of Numerical Analysis from 1987-current and of the European Journal of Applied Mathematics from 1990-2000. He is a founding member of the editorial committee of the journal Interfaces and Free Boundaries (1999). He is a member of the EPSRC Mathematics College. He is a member (EPSRC nominee) of the Scientific Steering Committee of the Isaac Newton Institute (Cambridge) and their representative on the National Advisory Board for the Institute. He is principal organiser of a six month Newton Institute programme "Computational Challenges in Partial Differential Equations" to be held in 2003. He has been on the scientific committee of various meetings including the European series of Numerical Free Boundary Problems Workshops.
Amongst the conferences at which he was an invited speaker are:- State of the Art in Numerical Analysis (York), April 1996; ENUMATH 1997 (European Conference on Numerical Mathematics and Advanced Applications), Heidelberg (Germany); 79th Statistical Mechanics Conference (Phase Segregation, Kinetics, Wetting and Quasi-Crystals, in honour of J. Cahn's 70th birthday), Rutgers University (USA) May 1998; Anisotropic effects in a crystal growth problem and its mathematical analysis: Sapporo Symposium (Hokkaido, Japan), January 1999; Interfaces in Continuous Media (Lisbon, Portugal), May 1999; 18th Biennial Conference on Numerical Analysis (Dundee), July 1999; Free Boundary Problems (Chiba, Japan), November 1999; Interphase 2000 (Berlin, Germany), October 2000. He has given invited lectures at the Mittag-Leffler Institute (Stockholm, Sweden); Kobe Institute (Japan) workshop on numerical interface problems; Hokkaido University (Sapporo, Japan) series of lectures on interface motion supported by Nissan.
Grants: Partial Differential Equations and Applications: Marie Curie Training Site, CMAIA; Royal Society Travel Grant to Japan, November 1999; “Phase Transitions and Surface Tension” HCM network, November 1994-1997. Amongst his current non-Sussex collaborators are J. Cahn, G. Dziuk, P. Fife, Y. Giga and S. Maier-Pape.

DECKELNICK was an invited speaker at the conferences Phase Transitions and Interfaces in Evolution Equations: Analysis, control and approximation, Santa Margherita Ligure (Italy), February 2000; Interphase 99 Freiburg (Germany), October 1999; EUCOR Conference on Qualitative Properties of Solutions of Partial Differential Equations, Mulhouse (France) October 1999; TMR Workshop on Numerical Methods for Viscosity Solutions and Applications, Heraklion (Crete), July 1999. He gave an invited talk in the Mini-Symposium on Free Boundary Problems at the 3rd European Congress of Mathematics in Barcelona (Spain), July 2000. He received an EPSRC research grant for a visit to Sussex by G. Dzuik (Freiburg) and a Royal Society Travel Grant to attend the European Congress in Barcelona. He gave seminar talks at Oxford and Imperial College. Collaborators include G. Dziuk and M. Hinze.

HUMPHRIES obtained an EPSRC (fast stream) grant which has funded a three year DPhil project studentship from October 1998. A separate EPSRC grant enabled him to appoint Van Vleck to a visiting position for six months from January 2000. He held a NATO Collaborative Research Grant for collaboration with Van Vleck (Colorado School of Mines) from January 1998 for two years. He has also obtained an LMS collaborative small grant (for a visit to Aveiro, Portugal) and a Royal Society Travel Grant (to attend SciCADE 97). He co-authored with Stuart (Warwick) a 700 page monograph Dynamical Systems and Numerical Analysis published by CUP in 1996 in hardback, and in a paperback edition in 1999. He also collaborates with Budd (Bath), Gladwell (SMU), Higham (Strathclyde), Stuart and Van Vleck. HUMPHRIES was an invited speaker at the meetings Workshop on Lattice Differential Equations (NIST, USA) 1999, Applications of Global Attractors (Warwick) 1999, Extracting Physical Properties of PDEs Using Functional Analysis (Surrey) 1997. He also gave invited mini-symposium talks at the conferences SIAM Conference on Dynamical Systems (Utah, USA) 1999, and SciCADE 97 (Grado, Italy) 1997. He gave invited talks at Aveiro (Portugal), Ecole Polytechnique (Paris), Durham, Leicester, Surrey, Reading, Imperial College, Oxford and Bath.

KAY gave invited talks at Strathclyde, Leicester, Stanford, Oxford and UMIST during the period 1998/2000. He also gave talks at the Stockholm Royal Institute of Technology (Workshop on Adaptive Methods for Differential Equations, 1998), the Ninth Copper Mountain Conference on Multi-Grid Methods and the 18th Biennial Conference on Numerical Analysis (Dundee) 1998. Collaborators include A. Wathen, H. Elman and D. Silvester.

TANG visited Munich University and CAESAR in Bonn under the support of the Humboldt Foundation. He give an invited talk in the Oberwolfach PDE Conference in 1998, and conference talks in the Workshop on lower dimensional interfaces, University of Bonn 1996, EU high co-dimensional phase transition problems, Spa, Belgium 1997 and a seminar talk at the University of Munich. He has obtained grants to collaborate with P.Rybka (Warsaw) and Radelescu (Roumania) and his joint monograph with K.-H. Hoffman (Bonn) on superconductivity has recently been published.

STYLES was an invited speaker at the VI, VII and VIII Workshops on Numerical Analysis and Free Boundary Problems:- Braga, Portugal, 1998; Interphase'99 (Freiburg) and Interphase 2000 (Berlin), and also the Superconductivity Mini-Symposium at ICIAM, Edinburgh, 1999. She gave seminar talks at Durham, Leicester, Oxford Brookes, Oxford University and UMIST.

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