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RA6a: Additional observations, Evidence of esteem

IMMS Chris Chatwin was Chair and Organiser of an international conference on ‘Laser Technology in MicroEngineering' in 2000. In 1999 he played a major role in a DTI software trade mission to Taipei-Taiwan. He is consultant to the Iranian Petro-chemical Industry; and collaborates with Ege University, Turkey and with the Universities of Guelph and Dalhousie, Canada. He organized an International Conference on: “Microfabrication for Electronics Manufacture” in 2000. Invited papers, colloquia and keynote presentations include SQU Oman (1996); DTI (1997); Applied Optics USA (1998); AILU, DTI-BTI Taiwan, INTERREG France (1999), IMechE Auto Div., IEE, AILU, IOP, E&PDE, INTERREG, EAG/AWSEM (2000); IMechE, MOLMT2 (2001). He is Editor of an RSP book series – “Industrial Informatics and Integrated Manufacturing Business Systems”. Rupert Young was on the scientific conference committees of SPIE - Aerosense (USA) and Optical Pattern Recognition (1977 to present). He is collaborating with leading US researchers in Pattern Recognition at Carnegie Mellon University and Raytheon. He has given invited papers at CalTech & IOTA (Greece) 1996, SPIE Milestone Series USA -1999, US National Storage Industry (France) 1999. He was invited session chair for the annual Optical Pattern Recognition SPIE AeroSense conference in Orlando, 1997. Dave Budgett is coordinating novel medical instrumentation research between Auckland University, UCLA and Oxford University. He was invited to contribute a paper to the Asian J of Physics. Sidney Lloyd was awarded the FC Williams Premium for an IEE paper on robot manipulators.

EEERC Terrry Clark is a co-ordinator for two new EPSRC UK Networks (i) the Quantum Circuits Network and (ii) Nanoscale Structures in the Life and Physical Sciences Network.). He has presented invited papers in Rome (1997), San Diego (1997), Ambleside-UK (1999) and London (1999). He is a consultant to the US Navy. Ed Powner is Chairman of PHEE (Profs & Heads of Electrical Engineering), the Electrical sectoral group of the EPC (Engineering Professors Council); member of the IEE Qualifications Board, Accreditation Committee; Chair of the IEE Scholarships & Prizes Committee. Falah Ali has collaborated with the University of Uludag, Turkey and is an invited collaborator for short-term visits funded by the British Council. Elias Stipidis is a consultant to Infineon Technologies, Altek Technologies, and DERA. He was also invited by Infrastructures USA to present his work to a number of networking companies based in the Silicon Valley, USA. Jay Jayawant was Editor of the IEE Proceedings Part D until 1999. He recently gave an invited paper to a Conference in Graz, Austria organised by the ESA Space Agency. Peter Unsworth received the Rockwell Automation (USA) Chairman's Team Award for 1997 for collaborative research. He is a consultant to Rockwell Automation and Eaton Corporation in the USA (Rockwell have made a charitable gift of equipment valued at $200k).

NLDCRC Derek Atherton was elected Fellow of the IEEE in 1996 and in 1998 was made Honorary Fellow of the Institute of Measurement & Control. He was also awarded an IEEE Third Millennium Medal in 2000. He has given invited papers at SICE ’96 in Japan, and ICSE ’97, AMST ‘98 in the UK. He is an Honorary Editor of the IEE Proceedings on Control Theory and Applications and of the IEE Control Engineering Book Series. Brian Roberts served on eight international conference committees, including two IUTAM symposia on non-linear stochastic dynamics; India (1999), USA (2002). He was DSc external examiner at the University of Aalborg, Denmark and a Schmidt Distinguished Visiting Professor at Florida Atlantic University in 2000. He is a member of the international IASSAR Committee on Stochastic Methods in Structural Engineering and an Editor of an RSP book series on Engineering Dynamics. He is an external examiner for Cambridge University. Richard Stobart won the 1996 Arthur D Little “Ketteringham Prize” for commercial contributions and the 1999 Forrest R McFarlane Award from the US Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). He is co-organiser of sessions at the SAE World Congress, a member of two SAE Committees and co-organiser of SAE workshops on electronic engine control. He is a member of the IFAC Technical Committee on Transportation Systems and an advisor to the Venezuelan National Oil Company on future powertrain strategy. Julian Dunne presented an invited paper to the 4th International Conference on Stochastic Structural Dynamics, Indiana, USA. He has contributed an invited paper to a special issue of the journal Nonlinear Dynamics. Tai Yang was a DSc external examiner at the University of Calcutta, India and gave an invited paper at an IEEE International Conference on Industrial Technology. He was awarded a Royal Society Fellowship in 1999 (£3k).

SOSRC Paul Gough is a member of the UK Magnetosphere, Ionosphere and Solar Terrestial, MIST group and the UK Cluster Handling Group. He is co-investigator on the ESA Cluster - II, International Mars-96, IKI Interbal, US CRRES spacecraft, as well as on NASA Shuttle flights STS-46, STS-75, and several Interball and US CRRES satellites. He is a member of the PPARC Modulus Steering Committee, the PPARC Cluster-2 Management Committee and the Committee on Space Research (COSPAR). He has hosted Royal Society Exchange Visiting Fellowships from Russia, the Ukraine and Brazil and has been invited by the International Space Science Institute (Berne) to lead a UK/Russian team to study the results from MIR and Interball. Richard Rijnbeek is a participant of an INTAS grant supporting collaboration with colleagues in St. Petersburg, Krasnoyarsk, and Graz. Peter Townsend received a Doctor Honoris Causa from the Autonoma Universidad de Madrid in 1998. He has served on seven international conference committees. His collaborations in European projects include Brite Euram, Marie Curie, ESPRIT, Framework IV and a new Framework V. He was keynote speaker for the XXV celebration of the University of Sonora. He has given plenary and keynote reviews in seventeen international conferences plus eight scientific colloquia and seven general public educational promotion of science. He is an Associate Editor of Radiation Measurements. There have been extended visits to his group from fifteen international visitors, including 4 supported by the Royal Society.

TFMRC Alan Turner was a keynote speaker at the Millenium meeting of the Uniondes Physiciens, Lille, France, 2000. He is a consultant to Rolls-Royce plc, Aisin Seiki (Toyota), Bowman Power Systems and external examiner for Cranfield University, Army Staff College and Queen’s University, Belfast. Peter Childs received the ASME International Gas Turbine Institute J.P. Davis award in 1999 for an outstanding contribution to the literature on gas turbine technology. He is a consultant to Rolls-Royce plc and Electro-Medical Equipment Ltd and a director of SEED (Sharing Experience in Engineering Design) Ltd. He has contributed invited papers to the Review of Scientific Instruments and the American Institute of Physics. He is the primary author for three ESDU (Engineering Sciences Data Unit) documents. Christopher Long was an invited author for ISOROMAC 8 (International Symposium on Rotating Machinery) in Hawaii, 2000. Nick Hills is a Visiting Fellow at the University of Surrey and a consultant to Rolls-Royce plc.

VCGC Paul Lister was on the scientific conference committees for DCIS’2000 (France),and three ACM/Eurographics Hardware Workshops. He has extensive collaborations with industrial and academic partners through his involvement in European projects. He has been on the Panel of Referees for the EC ESPRIT programme Basic Research proposals since 1993; a referee for the EC Framework IV ‘Long Term Research’ action since 1995; and evaluator for the EC Framework IV ‘Industrial Research and Technology Development’ action between 1995-1998. Richard Grimsdale was a Visiting Professor at Tianjin University, China and Nanjang Technological University, Singapore. Martin White has extensive international collaborations in the heritage sector resulting in a new project called Augmented Representation of Cultural Objects (ARCO), currently under negotiation with the EC. Katernia Mania has presented her work in various international conferences, including ACM Siggraph and IEEE Virtual Reality. She is currently a member of the international committee of the ACM Siggraph conference and is a reviewer for various international conferences.

Membership of the Editorial Boards of international journals, Chatwin (1), Powner (1), Roberts (5), Townsend (2).

Membership of EPSRC review colleges: Atherton, Chatwin, Clark, Powner, Prance, H.

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