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RA6a: Additional observations, Evidence of esteem

Faculty currently act as external examiners for six undergraduate programmes and two MA programmes.
Smith was appointed external validator for two new MA programmes at Napier University in 2000; Winship has been validator for an MA programme at the Southampton Institute, and for BA programmes at UEL and King Alfred's College.
Faculty have been involved as external examiners of more than 23 MPhils and PhDs at other universities.
Smith's profile in America is such that for many years he has been a conference and visiting speaker in much demand and has been Keynote or Plenary Speaker at several high-profile conferences (‘Conference on an American Century’, U of Maryland and National Archives, DC; Society for Cultural Anthropology, San Francisco; North East Modern Language Association, Pittsburgh); Einhorn was the Keynote Speaker at a seminar in Sofia on ‘Prospects for Equal Opportunities for Women and Men in a Wider Europe’, sponsored by the Council of European Municipalities and Regions, and gave the keynote lecture to the International Conference on Gender in Transition in Eastern and Central Europe at the Humboldt University, Berlin..
Other faculty have begun to receive international recognition by way of lecturing invitations: Winship spoke at the Japan-UK International Symposium ‘Changing Images of Women in the Media’ at Hokkaido University, Japan in November 1998; Lacey gave the keynote speech at a conference in Konstanz, Germany. Bassett has spoken on gender and digital technology at the Next Cyber-Feminist International Conference in Holland, and at CiberART, an international digital art festival in Spain.
Faculty have spoken regularly at conferences within Britain: for example, Medhurst recently presented a talk to the ‘Law’s Moving Image’ conference at the Tate, London; Smith was Keynote Speaker at the Politics of Culture and the Marxist Cultural Network conferences in Sheffield.
That Wood's work is internationally recognised is confirmed by the fact that she was awarded a visiting Fellowship at the Society for the Humanities of Cornell University (1995/6) and has twice been invited to return to give papers about her ongoing work on memory. She has also spoken at French Studies conferences at the University of California (Santa Cruz) and the University of Washington. Most recently, she was an invited speaker at an event in Paris honouring former resister and Algerian expert Germaine Tillion.
A number of faculty are involved in editorial roles in important journals in our field:
Bassett is Reviews Editor for New Media & Society; Smith is on the editorial boards of Television and New Media, Cultural Logic, Journal of Sport and Social Issues, Symploke, Minnesota review, Cultural Logic, and College Literature; Winship is on the editorial board of the new Feminist Media Studies; Barker is an advisory editor to the journal Framework; Austin is an advisory editor to the on-line journal Scope; Lacey is on the editorial board of the Radio Research Journal (for which she co-edited a special issue in 2000); Einhorn is associate editor of the European Journal of Women’s Studies; Medhurst is on the editorial board of the International Journal of Cultural Studies.
Smith is general editor, with A. Blake, of the Cultural Studies series at Westview Press.
Smith was President between 1989 and 1997 of the Marxist Literary Group in the US, a national organisation of over 1000 members with official status with the Modern Language Association and which holds an annual week-long conference, the ‘Institute on Culture and Society’.
Smith's standing in the US is attested to by the fact that, on the basis of recognised expertise in particular topics, he has been external referee for promotion and tenure proceedings at over 20 American universities over the last decade.
Munt is editor of the Continuum Books (USA) series, Critical Research in Material Culture, and is on the editorial boards of Textual Practice and Lesbian Histories and Cultures.

Beyond the academic field, the research of faculty in Media Studies at Sussex has been recognised in a number of important ways:

Cawson has acted as consultant to a wide range of bodies, including the Department of Trade and Industry, Scottish Enterprise, the European Union, Hull City Council, IPC plc, and the Consumers Association.
Barker was retained by the Video Standards Council to evaluate research about videos and their impact, and was one of three researchers invited to address MPs in 1997 on current research on the impact of media on the young.
Bassett is a contributing editor on new media to the magazine MacUser; while writing for that magazine, she was voted Columnist of the Year by the UK Press Gazette Awards and Runner Up Columnist of the Year by the Periodical Press Association.
Medhurst is highly sought after as a commentator and columnist in the print media and on radio and television. He contributes regularly to the 'quality' newspapers such as The Observer, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, The Sunday Telegraph Magazine, and also to a host of popular magazines.
Smith has regularly appeared on American cable and local network television and radio in the US and Wood and Einhorn have both spoken on various British radio programmes.

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