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RA6a: Additional observations, Evidence of esteem

During the review period we received research funds from 39 grants (17 applicants), of which 7 were from ESRC, 9 were from DFID/ODA/British Council and 4 from DFEE/NCVQ/QCA. Our 9 new starts for 2001 (11 applicants) total over £1,250,000,including 3 from ESRC and 5 from DFID. Evidence of individual esteem is summarised below for each strand.
A. International Education Lewin's international reputation is evidenced by his keynote addresses to major international conferences: African Forum for Children's Literacy and Science (Zimbabwe 1999), Nordic Association Conference on Basic Education and Development (1999), UNESCO interagency consultation meeting on Secondary School Finance (Paris 1998), Assessment in Africa (DSE, Berlin 1998), Learning and Development Futures (Asian Development Bank Institute, Tokyo 1998), DFID Educational Policy Framework (1998),World Congress of Comparative Education (1996), World Bank Forum on Science Education for Development (Washington 2000), Nordic Association Conference on Basic Education and Development (1999). He is a Board Member of the International Institute for Educational Planning in Paris and was an external member of the panel whose recommendations led to the establishment of a new National Research Funding Council in South Africa. Colclough has given numerous keynote addresses including to the Association for the Development of Education in Africa (Senegal 1997), a Rockerfeller Foundation conference at Bellagio, Italy, 1997 and to the World Bank 1998. Leach has been editor of Compare since 1998 and is a member of the editorial board of a new international journal World Studies in Education; Stuart and Lewin are guest editors for a double issue of the International Journal of Educational Development. Sayed gave an initial address to the Swedish International Development Agency in 2000, was president of the South African Educational Management Association in 1997-98, and served on several policy commissions including the Governance Task Force of the National Council for Higher Education in South Africa. Leach and Sayed are executive members of the British Association of International and Comparative Education; Leach and Lewin are committee members of the UK Forum on International Education and Training.
B. Professional Formation and Development Eraut has given keynote lectures to international conferences in Montreal (self-directed learning,1997), Salonika (continuing professional development,2000) and Appeldoorn (Association of European Police Colleges, theory-practice links in education for change,2000); to an Anglo-French conference on educational qualifications (Marsailles,2000): and to the annual conference of Finnish teacher educators at Savonlinna (1997,professional knowledge). His consultancy with the International Federation of Accountants led to a briefing paper on competence-based approaches to professional formation. He edited a special issue on the Design of Teacher Education for the International Journal of Educational Research (33, 5, 2000) and has been appointed Editor-in-Chief of a new international journal, Learning in Health and Social Care (starts Feb2002). He has been a keynote speaker at national conferences of Nurses, Public Health Physicians, Pathologists, Clinical Scientists, Physiotherapists, Biochemical Scientists and Inter-professional Educators. He was co-founder of the BERA SIG Education for the Professions, and has given four papers to its AERA counterpart. Drake gave invited addresses on mentoring in ITT at Vancouver (1997) and Durban(1997) and Griffiths on ITT in Ghana(1996).
C. Learning Communities Fielding gave a keynote address on radical collegiality to the Australian Association for Educational Research annual conference and was a guest editor for the Cambridge Journal of Education (29,2, 1999) and the Journal of Education Policy (15, 4, 2000). He is a task-group member of the National Educational Research Forum. Eraut gave keynote addresses on work-based learning to the Dutch Educational Research Association (1998), and an international research conference in Leeds (1999); and contributed papers to symposia at EARLI (Goteborg 1999) and the International Conference of Sociocultural Psychology (Sao Paulo 2000) convened by Simons (Holland) and Engestrom (Finland). The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development commissioned his paper Learning Challenges for Knowledge-based Organisations. Stuart gave a lead presentation on inclusion and higher education to a UACE seminar (2000). Merrifield was Director of the Learning from Experience Trust from 1998 to 2000. She gave keynote addresses on Citizenship and Literacy to the SCUTREA international conference (1997) and a UK Learning Disabilities Conference in 2000; and a presentation to the National Centre for the Study of Adult Learning and Literacy at Harvard (1999). Gaventa was Director of the National Learning Initiative on the US Empowerment Zone Programme (Ford and US Department of Agriculture 1995-1998); and co-ordinator of the programme of activities in Support of Participatory Research, Learning and Action (DfID, SIDA, SDC).
D. Assessment and Evaluation Torrance and Pryor have jointly presented four papers in 5 years to American Educational Research Association annual conferences and Torrance organised a symposium on classroom assessment in New York in 1996. Torrance is a member of the editorial boards of Assessment in Education, British Educational Research Journal and Cambridge Journal of Education; gave a keynote address to the annual conference of the Network for the Evaluation of Knowledge at Malmo in 1999, and was a visiting scholar at Auckland in 1996. Pryor gave an invited bilingual presentation to a multi-national Comenius project in Austria in 1998.
E. Teaching and Learning in Maths, Science and IT Bliss was Chair of UCET Research and Development Committee from 1996-9 and the EU Economics, Social and Human Science Panel for the Human Potential Research Training Network in 1998-9. She is also a member of the Cancer Research Campaign's Education and Psychosocial Research Committee and the European Science Foundation's Steering Committee for its programme on Human and Machine Learning, for which she also ran a research-network task force on situated cognition. Drake is a trustee of the research forum Adults Learning Mathematics and coordinates a writing group on skills tests of the British Society for Research in Learning Mathematics. Ogborn is a member of the International Commission on Physics Education of IUPAP and on the editorial board of the International Journal of Science Education and the Journal of Intelligent Systems (Israel). Bliss was an expert referee for the EU Human Potential Research Training Networks and Training and Mobility of Researchers Programmes. Keynote addresses to international conferences were given by Bliss (Effective teaching, looking for scaffolding, Athens 2000) and Ogborn (Science and the Made World, Hong Kong 1996; The Future of Physics, CERN 2000). Dunne gave initial presentations on gender and the social construction of ability in Hong Kong and the Philippines.
F. Arts Education and Aesthetics Abbs gave keynote addresses to: a conference at the Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts (Delhi 1997); the World Goodwill Conference at SOAS (London 1998); and an 'Art for Vision' address to the Royal Academy 1998. He also coedited an issue of International Review on new metaphysical poetry. Hunt is Chair of Lapidus, the Association for the Literary Arts in Personal Development (receives funding from the Arts Council).

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