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RA6a: Additional observations, Evidence of esteem

Professor Quinn has been Professor of Mathematical Statistics at UMIST since 1998. He previously held a Chair of Mathematical Sciences at Goldsmiths College, was Principal Research Scientist in Sonar Signal Processing within Australia's Defence Science and Technology Organisation, and before that held lectureships and a senior lectureship at Universities in Australia. He was an invited speaker at the RSS conference in Guildford in 1996 and an invited speaker and participant at the Data Analysis workshop of the Non-linear and Non-stationary Signal Processing programme at the Isaac Newton Institute in Cambridge in 1998. He has given invited seminars at the LSE, at the Universities of Glasgow, Lancaster, Southampton and Kent, at Curtin University of Technology, Australia and to the TIMSAC group and a Manchester local meeting of the RSS. He has been a member of the Research Section of the RSS since 2000. He is an associate editor of the Journal of Time Series Analysis. He has refereed approximately 25 papers per year for journals which include the Journal of Time Series, Biometrika, JRSS ser. B, the Journal of Multivariate Analysis and the IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing. He was the joint recipient of an Australian ARC grant of (Australian) $131,000 with Dr D. Huang of the Queensland Institute of Technology in 1997-1999. His book with Professor Hannan was described by a Cambridge University Press Reader (referee) as "stay(ing) definitive for some years."
Professor Subba Rao was appointed to a lectureship in 1967 and has held a Chair in Mathematical Statistics since 1992. During this RAE period, he has been an invited speaker at the IEEE conference on Higher order Statistics in Signal Processing, Corfu, 1996; the Astro statistics session of ISI meeting, Istanbul, 1997; Recent Advances in Probability & Statistics, 1997, Calcutta; International Scientific Interchange, Torino, 1998; and the International Forum in Mathematics and Statistics, University of Mysore, India, in 1998. He was an organiser and invited speaker at the Stochastic Differential equations conference in Gyor, Hungary, in 1996. He was an invited speaker at the climatic variations workshop of the Non-linear and Non-stationary Signal Processing programme at the Isaac Newton Institute in 1998. He was the organiser of a session on Time series analysis at the International Indian Statistical Association's conference held in New Delhi in 2000. He is an Associate Editor of the Journal of Time Series Analysis. He coedited “Applications of Time Series Analysis in Astronomy and Meteorology” jointly with M. B. Priestley & O. Lessi and edited the sections on Fast Fourier Transform, Non Fourier Waveforms and Spline functions in Time Series in the “Encyclopaedia of Biostatistics”. Recently he has been awarded a senior academic visiting Fellowship by the Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst, Bonn, to collaborate with Professors Franke and Dahlhaus. At the invitation of the Institute of Statistical Mathematics, Tokyo, and the Universities of Osaka and Kyoto, he visited Japan in February and March 2001, to work with Professors Ozaki, Taniguchi and Sakai. He has received substantial travel grants from the Royal Society, British Council and the Deutscher Akademischer Austtauschdienst, Bonn.
Professor Laycock is Professor of Applied Statistics and has been at UMIST since 1968. He has also held a part-time appointment since 1984 as Senior Resident Consultant with CAPCIS, an internationally acclaimed corrosion consulting company, established by the 5*-rated UMIST Corrosion and Protection Centre. He has worked in several areas of Statistics, his field of expertise is Experimental Design, and he has extensive experience in statistical consulting. He was promoted to a personal Chair in 2000 on the basis of his theoretical and applied work and testimonials from around 20 senior national and international academics and business leaders. He gave the opening talk at the 3rd St Petersburg Workshop on Simulation, 1998 and is an invited speaker at the next; two invited talks at the Aplicaciones Estadisticas conference, Salamanca, 1999; was a ‘key participant’ and speaker at the First Midwest Conference in Experimental Design at Columbus Ohio, 2000; an invited speaker at the International Conference On Order Statistics & Extreme Values at Mysore India, 2000 and at the conference on Environmental Sampling and Monitoring at the University of Lisbon, 2001. He has received EPSRC grants of £15,000 with Dr RA Cottis, Corrosion Centre, UMIST, of £174, 000, with Prof G Gott, Electrical Engineering & Electronics, UMIST, recently extended by a further £60,592 EPSRC grant and a grant from the Tyndall Centre (funded by NERC, EPSRC and ESRC) of £111,000 to continue his work with Dr Levermore. He received a Royal Society grant to visit Salamanca in 1999, to continue his collaborative work on Experimental Design with Professor J.L Fidalgo. He is a regular reviewer for ISI Short Book Reviews and referees papers for journals which have recently included JRSS (B), Metrika and J. Statist. Comp. & Simul.
Dr Boshnakov has been a lecturer since 1999. He was previously a Senior Scientist with the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences where duties involved both research and the provision of advice on statistical and mathematical computing. He received a postdoctoral fellowship from the Royal Society for the calendar year 1997 to visit Goldsmiths College, University of London. He was an invited speaker at the conference on Environmetrics, Innsbruck, 1997 and presented talks at six other international conferences during this RAE period. He was invited to visit the Centrum for Mathematical Statistics in Bucharest and Laboratoire L.M.C. in Grenoble in 1996. He has presented several invited seminars at Universities in Austria, Bulgaria and the UK.
Dr Yuan has been a lecturer since 1992. He has worked in Image Processing and inference for random fields, higher order spectra and tests for non-linearity and non-Gaussianity. He was invited to Beijing University to work with Professor Zhongjie Xie's research group in 1999 and has been invited to spend his sabbatical leave there investigating novel wavelet applications. His recent EPSRC application with Dr Zhang has been classified by a referee as “internationally leading” in both scientific quality and research ability.

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