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RA6a: Additional observations, Evidence of esteem

Published Work
The distinguished standing of the Department’s output is evidenced by the high proportion of plenary and invited contributions to international conferences, together with the award of IEEE, IEE and other prizes by professional bodies, during the assessment period; some are noted in RA2. Selected highlights, by group, are:
Communications and Microwave Engineering
Davis: Invited paper at IEEE 7th Conf. on EM Field Computation, Okayama, Japan (1996)
Gott: K S Krishnan Memorial Award by the Institution of Electronics and Telecom. Engineers (1996)
Wilson: Invited keynote on developments in current-mode circuits at the Baltic Electr. Conf. (1996)
Wu: Invited presentations at PIERS 2000 in special sessions on dielectric resonators and their applications and experimental data inversion (Cambridge, USA)
Control and Instrumentation Systems
Allinson: Plenary presentations at 1997 Brazilian Symp. on Artificial Neural Networks (plus lecture series), 1999 Workshop on Self-Organising Maps, Helsinki (invitation only, to mark Teuvo Kohonen’s retirement), 1998 3rd Int. Conf. on Scientific Optical Imaging (Cayman Islands), 5th Int. Position Sensitive Detectors Conf. (1999), and 1998 Pixel Detector Workshop, PSI, Switzerland
Munro: Invited IEE book on symbolic methods for control systems, invited presentations at IEE/IFAC Int. Control Conf. (1996-98), IEEE Conf. on Decision and Control (Tampa, 1998), European Control Conf. (Karlsruhe, 1999), and IFAC Symp. on Robust Control (Prague, 2000)
• Wellstead: Invited presentations at IEE/IFAC Int. Control Conf. and European Control Conf. (Karlsruhe)
Ozanyan: Invited talks at European Material Research Society Symp. (Strasbourg 1999)
Waterfall and Yang: Honeywell Prize of the Institution of Measurement and Control (1997)
Werner: Best paper award at 1998 IEE/IFAC Int. Control Conf., invited paper at IFAC World Congress (Beijing, 1999)
• Yang and York: IEE Ayrton Premium
for ac-based capacitance tomography systems (2000)
Yin: Best paper award at 1999 Int. Joint Conf. on Neural Networks (Washington)
York: Keynote speaker at SPIE Conf. on Process Imaging for Automatic Control (Boston 2000)
Electrical Power Engineering
R Allan: IEE Institution Premium for research into the value of lost load, and results of this work were subsequently adopted by the Electricity Regulator (OFGEM)
N Allen: IEE SET Division Premium (2000)
Chalmers: Invited/plenary papers at Int. Conf. on Electrical Machines (Vigo, 1996 and Helsinki, 2000) and at European Magnetic Materials and Applications Conf. (Zaragoza, 1998)
Jenkins: IEE Swann Premium in 1997 and 2000 (with Crossley). Opening address at IEE Power
Engineering Conf.
(Singapore 2000)
Milanovic: Invited papers at the 30th Hawaii Int. Conf. on Systems Science (1997) and Workshop on
Custom Power Technologies
(Barcelona, 1999)
Smith: IEE Crompton Premium (1997)
A Williamson: Stanley Gray Award of the Institute of Marine Engineers and the Donald Maxwell Award of the British Marine Equipment Council; IEE Power Division Premium in 1996
• S Williamson: Opening address at the ELROMA Conference (India), and Int. Forum on Motor Standards and Testing Methods (China); the IEE Crompton Premium in 1996 and 1998
Microelectronic Materials and Devices
Evans-Freeman: Invited papers at ENSADA '00 Santorini Italy and ANU '01 Canberra, Australia
Missous: Plenary papers at High Performance Electron Devices for Microwave and Optoelectronic Applications '97 (London) & Expert Evaluation and Control of Compound Semiconcuctor Materials and Technologies '96 (Freiburg),
Peaker: Eleven invited papers at: Extended Defects in Semiconductors, France '96
; Int. Conf. on Defects in Semiconductors, Aveiro Portugal '97; MaxPlank-CNRS 1997 Review Grenoble; GeMe '97, Lintz Austria; SNCI '98, France; ICDS, Berkley USA '99; Hydrogen '99, Exeter UK; European Materials Research Society, Strasbourg '99; Hydrogen in Silicon '00, Denmark; Gordon Conf. Point Defects '00, New Hampshire USA; Electrochemical Society, Phoenix '00; Japanese Advanced Semiconductor Materials, Hawaii '00
Truscott: Invited paper at NATO Workshop TeraHertz Technology (France, 1996)

International Visibility and Standing
Communications and Microwave Engineering
Darwazeh: Visiting scientist at University of Faro (since 1997)
Davis: Invited lectures at TDK Corporation and Kyoto Institute of Technology, Japan, 1998, Editorial Board of IEEE Trans. on Microwave Theory and Techniques, Tech. Prog. Com. of the IEEE Int. Microwave Symp., Co-Chair of the IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Com. on Microwave Ferrites, Co-organiser of MTT Workshops on Microwave Ferrites and Applications (USA, in 1996 - 1998, 2000), Invited Session Chair at the Asia-Pacific Microwave Conf. (Yokohama, 1998) and at International Microwave and Millimetre-wave Technology Conference (Beijing 2000)
Gibson: Invited workshop presentations at the IEEE Int. Microwave Symposia (1996 and 2000)
Gott: UK representative for Int. Union of Radio Science (1996-2002); technical expert for COST 251 (1995-99); member organising committee of IEE Int. Conf. on HF, 1997 and 2000
Salous: Awarded Habilitation diriger des recherches, (Paris, 1999); Visiting Professor at University of Rennes
Wilson: Initiation and management of five year programme on high-speed optical fibre networking in China on behalf of UK Government Dept. for International Development; Organising committee Baltic Electronics Conf. 1996, 1998 and 2000
Wu: Invited Chair at the Int. Conf. on Computational Electromagnetics and EM Theory (China, 1999)
Control and Instrumentation Systems
• Allinson
: Int. panel member for 1999 Hong Kong UGC Research Assessment Exercise; UK representative on the Int. Scientific Advisory Committee of the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility, Grenoble (1993-98) – second largest scientific facility in Europe; management committee of the Int. Research Centre ‘Al-Khwarizmi’, Uzbekistan; Invited founder of European Crystallographic Association, organising/programme committees of eight international conferences
McCann: Chair of SPIE Conf. on Process Imaging for Automatic Control (Boston, 2000) and invited lecture and seminar series (1999) at the Chinese Acad. Sciences, Beijing and Tianjin University (with Yang); invited seminars at Schlumberger (1997), Bergen University (1997) and Tsinghua University, Beijing (1999); Principal opponent for PhD theses Uni. Bergen 1997, 1999
Munro: Awarded Honeywell International Medal by Inst. of Measurement and Control (1996); Chair of two international conferences and programme committee member of five international meetings.
• Wolkenhauer: Senior Research Fellow at Delft to develop possibility theory for the biosciences
• Yang: Advisor to Institute of Engineering Thermophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Cheju National University, Korea; Guest Professor at Tianjin University, China
• York: Conf. chair for the First World Congress on Industrial Process Tomography (1997); Consultant on microelectronics to Warangal and Suratkhal REC, India, 1997
Electrical Power Engineering
N Allen: Invited lecturer at Electric Power Research Institute, Tsinghua University Beijing, Xian University, and North China Power Research Institute (China, 1999)
• Chalmers: Elected Chair of Int. Steering Committee of Int. Conf. on Electrical Machines from 2000; Co-ordinator of EU Thematic Network "European Network for Permanent-Magnet Devices" with 16 partners from industry and universities; Appointed Evaluator by Swedish Government at Royal Inst. of Technology (KTH), Stockholm; Member Scientific Advisory Board, KTH
Kirschen and Strbac: Invited lectures on power system economics at University of Wisconsin
Kirschen: Guest editor for IEEE Proc. Special Issue on the technology of power system competition
Kirschen: Visiting Research Fellow at Nanyang University
Milanovic: Session Chair of IEEE Int. Conf. on Harmonics and Quality of Power (Orlando, 2000); invited lecture series on control techniques for power quality technologies (Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong, 2000)
A Williamson: Visiting Professor at L'Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse
S Williamson: IEEE Tesla Prize awarded 2000; elected Foreign Member of Yugoslav Academy of Engineering (2000)
Microelectronic Materials and Devices
Hatfield: Partner in EU Brite Euram Ultrasonic Integrated Sensor Array programme
Evans-Freeman: member European advisory panel for FOM, Netherlands
Missous: Invited seminars at Sendai Japan(1999), Agilent (Newark, USA 1998) and Binghampton USA, 1997, Chair of EDMO Int. conf. (1998) and Eurpean MBE conf. (1996) committees
Hicks: Chair program committee/member advisory committee for nine int. confs.
Peaker:. Director of NATO Advanced Study Institute, Erice, Sicily June/July 1996; Visiting Senior Research Fellow at High Magnetic Field Lab., Grenoble (97-98); Assessor and panel member for EU ESPRIT programme (99 onwards); advisor to South African Government on university semiconductor facilities (96 onwards); co-ordinator for EU Copernicus Laplace Deep Level Transient Spectroscopy programme(95-99); External Assessor Chair Selection Committees (USA, Singapore, Hong Kong, Pakistan and S. Africa).
National Visibility and Standing
All groups have individuals who serve on IEE groups, EPSRC Colleges and Panels, and review papers for leading journals. Eight members of staff have higher doctorates and ten are fellows of professional institutions (including three FIEEE and one FREng). Individuals are members of the following bodies:
Communications and Microwave Engineering
Davis: IEEE UKRI Administrative Committee of Joint Chapter on MTT/AP/ED/LEOS
Gott: Chair DTI Tech. Working Party on HF Propagation and Ionospheric Effects, 1992-98; DTI National Radio Propagation Committee 1992-98; Editor and contributor for DTI HF review (1998)
P Green: Author of DTI-commissioned research monograph

Salous: DTI Technical Working Party on Mobile and Terrestrial Propagation, since 1990
Sloan: Steering Committee of EPSRC National Network on "Microwave Ceramics" (with Davis); Organiser IEE/IEEE 2nd HF Postgraduate Colloquium (1997)
Wu: Technical Programme Committee of IEE Int. Conf. on Antennas and Propagation
Control and Instrumentation Systems
Allinson: Member of EPSRC DIAMOND Consultative Comm; Co-ordinator of EPSRC Network on Emergent Behaviour Computing; Royal Television Society awards judge (technical innovation)
• Liatsis: Organised IEEE/IEE/Inst. Measurement and Control Int. Workshop on Image and Signal Processing (Manchester, 1996)
Munro: national consultant for EPSRC Control and Instrumentation; member of Council for Inst. of Meas. and Control; Guest editor for special issue of IEE Computing and Control Journal
Wellstead: EPSRC/RS Industrial Fellowship with Infrared Engineering; Sir Harold Hartley Medal from the Inst. of Meas. and Control (1999; Honeywell Int. Medal, Inst. of Meas. and Control (1998)
Yang: 1997 IEE/NPL Wheatstone Measurement Prize; subject advisor to British Council
Van Silfhout: CLRC DIAMOND working group on beamline controls and data handling (2000)
Electrical Power Engineering
R Allan: Deputy Chair of IEE Power Division Board
N Allen: Member of BSI Committees on Protection of Structures from Lightning and High Voltage Test Techniques
Jenkins: Chair of IEE Professional Group S1, UK national comm. of CIRED and Sec. of Working Group 4 Embedded Generation.
Smith: Chair IEE Professional Network Executive Committee on Power Conversion and Applications
S Williamson: IEE Council; Chair of IEE Knowledge Services Board Premium Committee; Hon. editor of IEE Proc. on Electric Power Applications; IEE Achievement Medal (2000); Electrical Engineering Panel of the Royal Academy of Engineering
Microelectronic Materials and Devices
Evans-Freeman: Co-ordinator of EPSRC Network on Point Defects in Si and SiGe; Member of EPSRC Advisory Board to the UK Network of Excellence in Semiconductor Manufacture; Planning committee SIRIUS programme; British Association for Crystal Growth Committee
Peaker: Royal Academy of Engineering Foresight award

Industrial Collaboration
Industry currently supports some 60 research projects across all sub-groups. Our original research activities have also spun-off ten companies. The Department’s Industrial Advisory Group with representatives from 20 leading UK and international companies regularly meets and provides guidance on research opportunities and directions. Eight senior industrialists were engaged during the period as visiting professors. We have just appointed a full-time business development manager, through HEROBC funding, to exploit existing research and provide new partnerships. Many staff are engaged as consultants to a wide range of international companies, SMEs and Government Departments. The following are selected group highlights of current industrial involvement:
Communications and Microwave Engineering
Major long-established exploitation route for microwave component design through TDK, Japan. Industrial microwave circuit design courses (Matra Marconi). Spin-off company in mobile network video provision (VICS) formed in October 2000 with contracts to provide video messaging through CoDoMo (Japan) and other commercial partners. Grants and contracts in association with MAT, DERA (Malvern), Matra Marconi, Mitel, Celeritek, TDK, TRAK, Schlumberger Cambridge Research, EA Technology, Dynex Semiconductors, Philips MM Radio Link, Texas Instruments, Nokia, Zetex, Rhode & Schwarz, Agilent, BT, EOD and Northern Telecom
Control and Instrumentation Systems
Leading partners in two Foresight Technology Challenge projects – Process Tomography: a new dimension in sensor technology, and IMPACT (Innovative Microelectronic Pixellated and Advanced CCD Techologies). TRW has funded a five year lectureship to develop vision systems for vehicular control. Teaching Company in association with Premier Technology Ltd on adaptive data mining of large textual corpuses. Major industrial research investment and exploitation with "bluechip„ companies (e.g. Schlumberger, BP, Corus, English China Clays, DuPont, Zeneca, Oxford Instruments, AVL, Rover, Shell, Rolls Royce, Solartron, BAe, BT, Marconi, BNFL, Dunlop, Racal, TRW, 3-Ms Corporation, ICI, Eurotherm, BICC, HP and numerous SMEs). Awarded international patents for image defogging, video compression, and capacitance tomography. VCIPT is now self-supporting with six industrial subscribers. Three spin-off companies.
Electrical Power Engineering
Power Systems Club has 200 industrial members and hosted the DTI Consultation Workshop on Embedded Generation. East Midlands Electricity funds a lectureship in the group. Two industrial secondments were to Schneider (UK) and Siemens (Germany). Software house IPSA is now established as a free standing spin-off company. Industrial links in the machines sector are cultivated through the activities of the Manchester Machines Research Group, with 23 subscribing companies. We have intensive interactions with ALSTOM Research and Technology in both hardware and software (beta-test site). Additional support for research is provided by , Any Systems Ltd, EA Technology, Garrad Hassan, Hawker Batteries, Siemens, Control Techniques Dynamics, EATL, Halcrow-Gilbert Associates, Morley Electric Co, Lucas Varity, Nelco Electric Ltd, and Brook Crompton. Invited industrial secondment for 2000 to Edison Mission Energy (Strbac).
Microelectronic Materials and Devices
Much of the group’s excellent infrastructure results from industrial donations in kind: Philips Semiconductors (UK) - silicon clean room equipment (book value £1.2M); VG Semicon - upgrades for V90 MBE system (~£300k); VG - new MBE research facility (III-V materials and devices) (£4M) installation will start in Dec 2001. Four spin-off companies have originated from the group's research and, with DIAS, AromaScan plc (now Osmetech). Funded projects have been or are running with Advantest (Japan), SOITEC (France), Motorola (USA), Esaote (Italy), ST Microelectronics (Italy), Cienna West (USA), SiGe Technologies (Canada); Philips (Holland), Bookham, Marconi Materials, Marconi Applied Technology, Nokia, Osmetech, Philips ( UK).

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