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RA6a: Additional observations, Evidence of esteem

Editorship of journals and monograph series
The Swansea-based international journal Romance Studies, re-launched in early 1999 under the imprint of Maney Publishing, has Prof. Minogue as its General Editor; Dr Harrow became a Co-Editor in January 1999 (with Professor D. Gagen, Dept. of Hispanic Studies) and works with an experienced team of Associate Editors in Swansea (including Drs Connon, MacKenzie and Rodgers and Prof. Rothwell). Dr Engel is a member of the reading panel for the SFS Bulletin, has recently become a member of the comité de lecture of the ‘Cahiers Chronos’ series published by Rodopi (Amsterdam), and from May 2002 will be Reviews Editor for the Journal of French Language Studies. Dr Rodgers is Co-Editor (with R.Udris) and Reviews Editor of the Bulletin of the Société Marguerite Duras.

Membership of relevant national committees or organisations
Dr Engel
is a member of the Society for French Studies Executive Committee, with responsibility for extension meetings and conference grants (she co-organised, with Prof. Cardy, a workshop in Swansea in 1997). She is also a member of the Research Committee of the Association for French Language Studies, and organised the association’s annual conference in Swansea in 1999. Dr Rodgers is a founder-member of the Société Marguerite Duras. Prof. Rothwell has recently joined the Executive Committee of the AUPHF.

Research Papers given by members of the Department during the period
Dr Connon
: 1995 Romance Studies conference, Gregynog; 1996 conference Couperin, “Pièces de clavecin”: the background, London; 1999 International Beaumarchais conference, Kent at Canterbury; international conference on Théâtre de la Foire, Nantes; 2000 International conference on Diderot’s Le Fils naturel, Université Denis Diderot (Paris VII).

Dr Engel: 1994 Romance Linguistics Seminar, Cambridge; Northern Colleges French Colloquium, Gregynog; 1995 SFS workshop, Bath; AFLS annual conference, Paris; Chronos Dunkerque; 1996 SFS conference, Manchester; 1997 Romance Linguistics Seminar, Cambridge; 1998 SFS/AFLS workshop, Oxford; AFLS annual conference, UEA; 1999 one-day international conference, University of Aston; AFLS annual conference, Swansea; 2000 2 seminars at University of Western Australia; Chronos, Nice; AFLS annual conference, Laval, Quebec; COLLATE workshop, Gothenburg; Cardiff Language and Communication Seminar.

Mr Evans: 1995 Lesage International Conference, Sarzeau, Brittany; 1999 Beaumarchais International Conference, Kent at Canterbury.

Dr Harrow: 1994 Max Jacob à la confluence, Université de Bretagne Occidentale, Quimper; 1995 De la palette à l’écritoire: pour une narratologie des arts plastiques, Centre du roman et du romanesque, University of Amiens; 1996 5th international Aizen Conference (North American Zola Association), Hunter College, New York; 1998 7th International Aizen Conference, Glasgow; 1998 BCLA conference, Lancaster; 1999 Poétique de l’objet, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario; 2000 17th Annual 20th-Century French Studies Colloquium, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia.

Dr Howells: 1997 Romance Studies Colloquium, The Seven Deadly Sins.

Dr MacKenzie: 1994 conference on Myth and Irony in the Modern Novel, Bristol; 1997 Romance Languages and Literatures Conference, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Dr Rodgers: 1996 Marguerite Duras: Lectures plurielles, London, Institut Français; Simone de Beauvoir, ten years on, Dublin; EAIE Annual Conference, Budapest; 1997 French Feminism Across the Disciplines, Lubbock, Texas; Duras 3-D, Lyon; 1998 Revisioning Duras, Kent; Calico ‘98 Symposium, San Diego; 1999 Cinquantenaire du “Deuxième Sexe”, Paris, January 1999; AILA 99, Japan; Romance Studies Colloquium, Gregynog; 2000: International Simone de Beauvoir Conference, Trent University, Canada; Technology in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, Samos Island, Greece.

Prof. Rothwell: 1995 Institute of Romance Studies, London; Colloque de Cerisy (Pierre Albert-Birot); 1996 Biennial conference of the International Association of Word and Image Studies (IAWIS), Dublin; André Breton Centenary Conference, University of Glasgow; 2000 Robert Desnos Centenary Conference, Institute of Romance Studies, London.

Dr Williams: 1994 International Medieval Congress, University of Leeds (2 papers); 1995 French Studies conference, University of Hull; 1996 International Medieval Congress, University of Leeds; 1997 Medieval Futures conference, University of Bristol.

Prof. Cardy: 1994 Francophonie: Myths and Masks, Roehampton; Romantic Geographies, Glasgow; 1997 Romance Studies Colloquium on The Seven Deadly Sins, Gregynog; Conference of the Spanish Society for Canadian Studies, Madrid; 1998 Conference on Shifting Boundaries/Frontières flottantes, Groningen; 1999 10th International Congress on the Enlightenment, Dublin; Conference of the Society for French Studies, Edinburgh; International Colloquium on Marmontel: bilan et perspectives de recherches, Clermont-Ferrand.

Prof. Minogue: 1994 Nathalie Sarraute et le for intérieur, Tucson, Arizona; The New Novel, Elmira, NY State; 1996 Autour de Nathalie Sarraute, Aix-en-Provence; 1997 Women give voice to women: Feminist Theory in practice on the French stage?, Institut Français, London; 1999 Nathalie Sarraute, un écrivain dans le siècle, Paris; Romance Studies Fin de Siècle Colloquium, Gregynog.

Organisation of international conferences
In May 1994, three former members of staff (Dr E. Le Calvez, Dr M-C. Canova-Green and Dr S. Alyn-Stacey) organised the Texte(s) et Intertexte(s) conference at the Institut Français in London (co-sponsored by the Department; proceedings published by Rodopi, 1997). In January 1996, Dr Rodgers co-organised an international conference, held at the Institut Français, on Marguerite Duras; Lectures plurielles (Proceedings published by Rodopi, 1998), while in May Dr Alyn-Stacey organised a conference on Reclothing the Muse: Renaissance Rewritings of Classical Sources (Swansea). In 1997 Dr Engel and Professor Cardy organised a SFS/AFLS workshop in Swansea on the Spoken Word, and in 1999 Swansea hosted the AFLS annual conference, again organised by Dr Engel (keynote speakers: L-J. Calvet, C. Vetters, C. Sanders, J. Green, D.A. Trotter). The biennial Romance Studies (‘Fin de siècle’) conference took place at the University of Wales’s Conference centre at Gregynog, organised by Dr Harrow (keynote speakers: M. Gauna, V. Minogue, R. Cardwell); conferences in the series in 1995 (‘Childhood’) and 1997 (‘The Deadly Sins’) were organised by Prof. Cardy and Mr Evans. The 2001 triennial conference of the British Association for Comparative Literature is being co-organised in Swansea by Dr MacKenzie.

Invited lectures at other HEIs
In 1998 Dr Addinall ran a workshop for the Institute of Linguists on French and British media treatment of the death of the Princess of Wales. Prof. Cardy has lectured at Sheffield and Bristol, Dr Connon gave guest lectures at Liverpool in 1995, 1997, 1998 and 2000, Dr Engel at U of Bristol in 1995 and UW Aberystwyth in 1998, George Evans gave guest lectures at Bath, Plymouth and Goldsmiths, and Prof. Rothwell a ‘Poetry Unlimited’ seminar at University of London in 1999; Dr Williams gave an invited paper to the Centre for Medieval Studies, University of Bristol, in November 1999.

External funding
Dr Engel
secured funding of A$ 8,051 from the Australian Research Council for a 1-year project (from Jan. 2000) in collaboration with Dr Marie-Eve Ritz (Western Australia) to investigate the Australian Perfect Tense. This was one of only 19 successful bids out of a total of 70. A further award of A$ 11,289 has been made to extend the research throughout 2001. Prof. Rothwell was awarded a one-semester Leverhulme research fellowship in 1995. A recent joint application to the AHRB with Prof. David Trotter (Aberystwyth) for the construction of an online ‘Anglo-Norman Hub’ was rated A+ but not funded; an improved bid will be resubmitted in May 2001.

PhD external examiner appointments
Prof. Cardy
has examined PhDs at the Universities of Exeter (1994, 1999) and Bretagne Occidentale (1996). Dr Engel has been appointed to examine a PhD at Aston in 2001-2. Dr Rodgers examined a PhD at the Université de Rennes 2 (1997).

National and international honours
In 1999 Dr Addinall was made a Chevalier des Palmes Académiques.

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