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RA6a: Additional observations, Evidence of esteem

Professor Williams has been Vice-President of the CUTG since 1998, and a Member of the Board of the Alfred-Andersch-Gesellschaft since 1997. He is a former President of the Carl-Einstein-Gesellschaft. He has given invited papers in Bad Homburg (1994), Heidelberg (1996), New York (1999), Trento, Italy (2000) and Berlin (2000), and further papers in Dublin (1994), London (1997, 1998, 1999), Bristol (1998, 2000), Coleraine (1999), and Newcastle (2000, 2001). He was invited to contribute a chapter on ‘German-Speaking Countries’ to The Oxford Guide to Contemporary Writing, ed. John Sturrock (OUP, 1996), and has been invited to contribute a chapter on Expressionist short prose to a volume on Expressionism edited by Neil Donahue (New York). He has externally examined PhDs in Cardiff, Edinburgh, Oxford and Warwick, and MA programmes in Edinburgh and Warwick. He has served on the DAAD selection panel for UK LektorInnen (1992, 1998, 2001) and the DAAD selection panel for Research Grants and Study Visits (2000, 2001). He is a former member of the British Academy Postgraduate Studentships Panel for Languages, and is currently a member of the QAA Benchmarking Group for Languages.

Dr Haines has been Treasurer of Women in German Studies and Assistant Co-Ordinator of the ‘Literature’ strand at the CUTG. She has given invited papers in Reading (1997) and Manchester (2000), and further papers in Warwick (1994), Surrey (1995), Exeter (1996), Nottingham (1996), Coimbra, Portugal (1997) and Edinburgh (2000). She was invited to contribute a chapter on Moníková and Müller to the volume Germany and Eastern Europe, ed. Keith Bullivant, Geoffrey Giles and Walter Pape (Rodopi, 1999). She was the local organiser when the CUTG met in Swansea in 1994. She has acted as external examiner for PhDs at the Universities of Cambridge and Limerick, and for the MA in Modern German Literature at the University of London. She has refereed articles for Modern Austrian Literature and the Women in German Yearbook, and reviewed for The Modern Language Review.

Dr Jucker was invited to the ‘Solothurner Literaturtage’, Switzerland, by Pro Helvetia (1998); publication of the Contemporary German Writers volume on Volker Braun resulted in further invitations to speak at the Volker-Braun-Tagung in Lübeck (1999) and the international colloquium celebrating Volker Braun’s sixtieth birthday at the Brecht-Haus in Berlin (1999). His interview with Braun was pre-printed in Sinn und Form (1994) and reprinted as the title interview in Braun’s collection Wir befinden uns soweit wohl. Wir sind erst einmal am Ende. Äußerungen (Suhrkamp, 1998). He has given further papers in Durham (1994), Kent (1994), Bath (1998), Bristol (2000) and Eugene, Oregon (February 2001). He was invited to contribute a new entry on Stefan Schütz to the Kritisches Lexikon zur deutschsprachigen Gegenwartsliteratur (1996), to edit the Text + Kritik volume on Schütz (1997) and the Amsterdamer Beiträge volume on Zeitgenössische Utopieentwürfe (1997). He has reviewed for the Zeitschrift für Germanistik.

Dr Basker has given invited papers in New York (1999) and Newcastle (1999), and a further paper in Coleraine (1999). His contribution to the symposium on Inner Emigration held at Hofstra, NY, will appear in 2002 in Inner Emigration in German Literature, 1933-1945: New Perspectives, ed. Neil Donahue and Doris Kirchner. He was invited to contribute the review articles on ‘German Studies: Literature from 1945 to the Present Day’ to The Year’s Work in Modern Language Studies (1995-97).

Dr Cheesman has given five invited papers overseas (Cesme [Turkey], Hannover, Klagenfurt, Montreal, Utrecht) and seven in the UK (Aberystwyth, Keele, Newcastle, Norwich [twice], Sheffield, Southampton) during the review period. He has further invitations to speak in London (Goethe-Institut) and Leeds in 2001. He was commissioned to write the article on ‘Moritat’ for the Enzyklopädie des Märchens (de Gruyter, 1998), invited to contribute an article on German hip hop to Debatte (6/2, 1998), and an article on ballads to the Natascha Würzbach Festschrift Gender – Culture – Poetics, ed. Andrea Gutenberg and Ralf Schneider (Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Trier, 1999). A survey article on Turkish-German writing, co-written with Deniz Göktürk and published in New Books in German (Autumn 1999), has been published in German and Italian translations. He gave broadcast interviews to BBC Radio Wales and BBC TV Cymru in connection with the Twenty-Sixth International Ballad Conference (1996); further interviews in connection with the ‘Writing Diasporas’ conference (2000) were published in The Times of India and Zeitschrift für Kulturaustausch, and broadcast by BBC TV Cymru. He has contributed English-language summaries of articles in the Jahrbuch für Volksliedforschung since 1991, and refereed for New Books in German since 1999.

Dr Hall was an invited contributor to the BBC World Service ‘Meridian’ feature on Günter Grass (1999). She has given papers in Southampton (1998) and Coleraine (1999), and reviewed for Continuum: Journal of Media and Cultural Studies and the Journal of Holocaust Education.

Dr Large has been Chairman of the Friedrich Nietzsche Society since 1996 (re-elected in 1999), joint Honorary Secretary of the CUTG since 1998 (re-elected in 2001), a member of the Executive Committee of the British Comparative Literature Association since 1995 (re-elected in 1998), and a member of the Sub-Committee on Literary Translation of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting since 1998. He was Secretary of the Friedrich Nietzsche Society from 1993-96 and chaired the panel ‘Literature, 1880-1945’ at the CUTG from 1994-97. In the review period he was invited to give fourteen papers overseas (Boston, Chicago, Düsseldorf, Eugene [Oregon], Grinnell [Iowa], New York City, Nijmegen, Urbana-Champaign [Illinois, twice], Utrecht, Vienna, Washington D.C., Weimar [twice]) and eleven in the UK (Cardiff, Durham, Glasgow, London [British Academy; QMW], Norwich, Oxford [twice], Warwick [three times]). He also presented twenty-three further papers at conferences and research seminars, including six overseas (Augsburg, Dublin [three times], Naumburg, Vienna). He has invitations to speak in Chicago, Lisbon, London (English Goethe Society) and Rio de Janeiro in 2001, has been invited to contribute to a volume on Elias Canetti (ed. Dagmar Lorenz, Chicago) and commissioned to write a review essay on ten German-language Nietzsche publications for Nietzsche-Studien. He has been external examiner for four PhDs (Cambridge [twice], Cardiff, Durham) and one MPhil (Cardiff), external adviser for the MPhil (B) in Critical Theory, University of Birmingham, and external examiner for the MA programmes in Comparative Literature (1996-2000) and European Writing (1997-2000) at UEA. He has been Reviews Editor of the BCLA’s journal New Comparison since 1998. He was an invited contributor to a Hessischer Rundfunk round-table discussion on Nietzsche (2000) and has acted as programme consultant for documentaries on Nietzsche by BBC TV (1998) and Channel 4 (1998). A Portuguese translation of one of his Nietzsche articles appeared in 2000, and another will appear in 2001. He has refereed proposals for the Fonds zur Förderung der wissenschaftlichen Forschung, Vienna (1999), the Athlone Press (1994, 1998-99), Oxford University Press (1995-96), Penguin (1999), Routledge (1999, 2001), and the journals History of Political Thought (1994), New Comparison (1998-2001) and Romance Studies (1999).

Dr Linklater has been Treasurer and Membership Secretary of Women in German Studies (1996-2000). In the review period she has given invited papers in Bristol (1998) and Glasgow (Centre for Intercultural Germanistics, 1999), three further papers overseas (FU Berlin, Sydney, Vlotho) and thirteen in the UK (Birmingham, Bradford [twice], Bristol, Cumberland Lodge, Lancaster, Leeds, Oxford Brookes [three times], Southampton [twice], Warwick). She has reviewed for the BAAL Newsletter and the Journal of Holocaust Education.

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