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RA6a: Additional observations, Evidence of esteem

Evidence of Esteem
Bedani and Dunnage have sat on the Executive Committee of the Society for Italian Studies, and been repectively Chair of SIS (1995-8) and Editor of the Society's Bulletin.
Bedani is the Italian Editor for Romance Studies, based at UWS. Moss is on the Editorial Board. Recent years have seen a steady increase in contributions by Italianists to this journal, all articles in which are refereed by specialist readers: its scholarly seriousness has been acknowledged since the last RAE by a contract for publication by Maney.
Dunnage reviews in The English Historical Review and Modern Italian Studies. Both he and Bedani act as readers for articles for Modern Italy; Bedani has refereed books recently published by Berg and OUP. Both Bedani's and Dunnage's forthcoming historical volumes arose from unsolicited invitations by the publishers (OUP and Longman) on the basis of academic recommendations. Bedani's contribution to the collective volume Social Partnership in the European Union was by invitation: the other contributors are a European team of specialists. Many of Dr Dunnage's publications stem from a stream of invitations to International conferences (Paris, Sussex, Amsterdam, the Sorbonne, Milan); his collaboration on the Social Control Project funded by Volkswagen was also by invitation, as was his editorship of the volume from the Sussex conference.
Moss was invited by the publishers Fitzroy Dearborn to contribute three entries (Gramsci, Machiavelli and Varchi) to the Encyclopedia of the Essay, published in 1997, to which Bedani contributed the entry on Croce. Bedani and Dunnage were both invited to contribute entries for the forthcoming Oxford Companion to Italian Literature (Bedani a total of twenty-two entries, and Dunnage one on the police and security forces).
In addition to the invitations to speak in New York and London in 2000 mentioned in RA5, Smith has been invited to contribute to a forthcoming Institute for Romance Studies conference on Critical and Cultural Theory (2001) and to an up-coming themed number of Annali d'Italianistica (2003). His research on Tabucchi is supported by a degree of interdisciplinary expertise recognized by a series of invitations from the Journal of the British Society for Phenomenology to review books on Foucault (published), Lyotard (in press), and Jankelevitch (in progress).

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