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RA6a: Additional observations, Evidence of esteem

The Coventry School of Art and Design at Coventry University has a long tradition of innovation and excellence in visual arts and design (the original school dates from 1843). All our artists and makers are active practitioners as are many of the design staff.

In addition to their personal practice our staff are involved in a range of professionally related activities. They receive awards and other makers of esteem. For example:

Glynn Bowsher was invited to deliver the IEE/I Mech E Viscount Nuffield lecture in 1998. He is a member of the team holding the world land speed record for cars.

Alan Birch is a Royal Designer to Industry Silver Medallist. He has been invited to be Chair of judges for the Pizzazz Product Design Award for 2001 organised by the Nuance Group (owned by Swissair and the world’s largest airport retailer).

Don Fitzpatrick is a D&AD Silver Medallist.

Darryl Georgiou has received the young researcher award for his ‘High Definition’ works in Hong Kong. He was also awarded the Constantino Award for Art, sponsored by the Ergobank, for Screen Memories, and as part of the START team he was awarded the Gulbenkian Foundation Award for his interactive work for the exhibition ‘me and you’ (which included his T(oy)ime machine).

Jochen Gerz was awarded the French National Order of Merit in Paris in 1996, the Kunstritik, Berlin 1996, the Peter-Weiss Prize, Bochum 1996, the Grand Prix National des Arts Plastiques Paris 1998 and the artistic contribution award at the Festival of Films on Art in Montreal in March 1999. His current work on the Phoenix Initiative in Coventry is being supported by the Henry Moore Foundation. In 1998 Capital magazine (published in Cologne and Paris) placed him 41st in its list of the 100 greatest living artists. He has recently been invited to give a talk at the Tate Modern gallery on his work.

Mandy Havers is a Director of the Canal Basin Studio Trust in Coventry which has provided a number of artists, some internationally recognised, with space in one of the finest studio and workshop complexes in the region.

Jill Journeaux is a Jerwood Foundation nominator for Whitley Sculpture Park and is the Chair of the Arts Council’s Artists Access to Art Schools Scheme. She is a member of the QAA Art and Design Benchmarking group.

David King undertook a funded residency in sculpture in the British School at Rome in 1996.

Mary Maclean was awarded a three month residency at the British School in Rome in 1999.

Ron Saunders is a Director of Contour Creative Design, and was formerly a Director of Ogle Design and MGA Design. He was Design Manager at Ford UK.

Francoise Schein received the 1998 Prix de la Libre Academie de Belgique and in 1999 she received an award from the Roi Baudouin Foundation in collaboration with the Association of Accrochanges, Brussels. In 2000 Prime Minister Jospin of France presented her with an award from the Co-operation Internationale du Haut Conseil for her international collaborative activities. Also in 2000 she received a travel scholarship from the French Consulate in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and a writing scholarship from the French Embassy in Brazil. She is currently completing a major public art and urban regeneration programme in Rio de Janeiro through the invitation of the Brazilian Government.

Karina Thompson has been appointed (March 2001) artist in residence at the Summerfield centre as part of a £1.3m Heritage Lottery Funded project.

Karen Trusselle is a Board member of the Ikon Gallery and in 2000 was awarded a Creative Ambition Award by West Midlands Arts.

Jonathan Waller has had one of his prints purchased by the Tate Gallery.

Mark Williams' work is frequently reviewed in the media (e.g. in magazines such as Eye and ID, and on television programmes such as Night Life, LWT).

Users of this website should note that the information is not intended to be a complete record of all research centres in the UK

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