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RA6a: Additional observations, Evidence of esteem

In translation, Jones has very strong national and international esteem. The most prestigious of his seminar chairs, guest lectureships, etc. was his Chairmanship of the Nobel Seminar, Stockholm (1998): an annual, one-week, invitation-only seminar held by the Swedish Academy, which focused in 1998 on the translation of poetry and poetic prose. Others in the census period were:
· UK representative, Seminar on Translation of Dutch Literature, Leiden (1996).
· Guest lecturer, Department of Modern Languages, University of East Anglia (1998).
· Invited speaker, International Forum Conference on the Bosnian Paradigm, Sarajevo (1998).
· Invited UK representative, Seminar on Translating Poetry, Amsterdam Translators’ House (1998).
· Invited panellist, Seminar on Dutch Translation, University College London (1998).
· Translation Project Coordinator, Poetry International Festival, Rotterdam (1999).
· Chair, Amsterdam Vertalershuis Seminar on Translating Dutch Literature, London (1999).
· Guest lecturer, Poetry International Festival, Rotterdam (2000).
· Chair, Workshop on Translating Dutch 17th-Century Drama, University College London (2000).
Jones’ translations have won the following prizes since 1996:
· British Comparative Literature Association Translation Competition (Commendation) for poems by Mak Dizdar (1996–1997).
· European Poetry Translation Prize (Joint First) for Ivan V. Lalic’s A Rusty Needle (1997). Jones is the only person to win this, the UK’s top poetry translation prize, twice (he won First Prize in 1991).
· Sarajevo 6th April Prize (Group Award) for Mak Dizdar’s Stone Sleeper (1999): the 6th April Prizes are Bosnia and Herzegovina's top cultural awards.
· Association of Bosnian and Herzegovinan Booksellers Awards (Best Translation) for Mak Dizdar’s Stone Sleeper (2000).
He has served on the following translation panels for the whole period:
· Vondel Prize for the Translation of Dutch Literature (biennial): judge and presenter of jury report.
· Foundation for the Production and Translation of Dutch Literature (the Netherlands body which funds Dutch literary work and its translation: <http://www.nlpvf.nl/intro/intro-e.htm>): assessor for approved translators’ list.
In language teaching and learning, Jones has strong national esteem. Keynote/plenary speeches and seminar chairs in the census period were:
· International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL) Learner Independence Seminar, Hull University (1996).
· IATEFL Learner Independence Special Interest Group Meeting, Hull University (1997).
· CILT Research and the Languages Teacher Seminar, Stirling University (1997).
· Conference on Supporting Distance Learning in Languages, Open University (1997).
· IATEFL Learner Independence Special Interest Group Meeting, Brighton (1997).
In literature, language, culture and politics, Jones has strong international esteem. Besides the editorships mentioned in RA5(a), he holds the following posts:
· Honorary Board Member, International Forum Bosnia (elected 2000).
· Panel member, Bosnian Book of the Year (since 2000): this award identifies the two key works written about Bosnia each year in English and Bosnian respectively, and funds their translation.
· Steering Committee Member, Mak Dizdar Foundation, Bosnia (since 2000).
He made the following media appearances in the census period:
· BBC World Service (1997): interview on translation and Serbian poetry.
· Sarajevo Studio 92 (1999): one-hour TV programme to mark Jones’ translation of Stone Sleeper.
Other esteem indicators are:
Submitted journal articles reader for: System (since 1996), Applied Linguistics (2000).
PhD external examinerships: Fahad Al-Smael, translating strategies, Durham (2000); Haedong Kim, motivation and language-teaching materials, Essex (2000).

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