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UOA 12 - Allied Health Professions and Studies

University of Cumbria

RA5a: Research environment and esteem

Research Structure

The University of Cumbria was inaugurated on 1 st August 2007. It builds on the respective strengths of the institutions from which it has been formed and maintains a strong commitment to the development of scholarship and research and special support in niche areas, including those in this submission. A central Research, Scholarship and Knowledge Transfer (RSKT) Committee is responsible for the overall research strategy and related policies and procedures with a central Research Office. The Universitys Graduate School oversees all operations related to the postgraduate research student programme including the development of doctoral level skills, a programme commended in the QAA Special Review of 2005/6. Whilst the benefits of cross-Faculty and interdisciplinary working that this central organisation brings produce an overall environment that supports the research activity of the institution and its research students, individual Faculties and disciplines variously manage their own research activities.

In this context, Allied Professions and Studies research has developed within the former St Martins College largely in the Faculty of Health, Medical Sciences & Social Care. However, it has also benefited from strong inter-faculty collaboration in mental health and health promotion, both fields where inter-disciplinary and inter- sectoral work are regarded as important.

The management of research and scholarship is handled within the Faculty through the Centre for Health Research & Practice Development (CHRPD) under the Directorship of Balogh since its inception in 2001. Excellent links have existed between the CHRPD Committee, chaired by Balogh, the University Graduate School, under the Directorship of Leathard, and the Postgraduate Advisory Group chaired by Cox.

Research groups, activities and main achievements

The two research groups identified in this submission are (a) Medical Imaging (MI) and (b) Mental Health & Health Promotion (MH&HP). The former works within the School of Medical & Imaging Sciences, while the latter works across all Schools in the Faculty (the other Schools are Social Work & Applied Behavioural Studies, Nursing & Midwifery and Rehabilitation & Public Health), and in collaboration with colleagues in the Faculty of Business, Social Science & Sport.

Within the assessment period two chairs have been conferred in the MI Group (Manning: Medical Imaging and Marshall: Radiography); and in the MH&HP Group one chair (Ledwith: Community Development & Social Justice) and three readerships (Cox: Occupational Therapy, Balogh: Health Research & Practice Development, and Marrow: International Nursing Development). These appointments have facilitated new research collaborations both within the UK and beyond, eg. the leadership of European Thematic Networks in Nursing (TENN Thematic European Nursing Network), Radiography (HENRE: Higher Education Network for Radiography education in Europe) and Occupational Therapy (ENOTHE: European Network of Occupational Therapists in Higher Education) (Marrow RA2: 3,4 and Marshall RA2:4); participation in the MRC funded PACE clinical trial (Cox); Mannings nomination as Radiographer Panel member by the Council of Deans & College of Radiographers to the HEFCE / RAE 2008 and the international growth of the Collaborative Action Research Network (CARN) (Ledwith and Balogh with Dadds, cited in submission UoA 45 Education).

Mechanisms for supporting research

Research in both groups has benefited from HEFCE Capability Funding which has been utilised to enable researchers to a research leave scheme, to pay for international and national visits and conferences, to fund equipment and to provide research assistance. It has also funded research into the health and social impacts of the 2005 Carlisle floods led by Carroll and Balogh, for which 3 papers are under submission.

There are designated research leads in each of the Facultys 4 schools (McLeod, Manning, Cox & Smart). Practice in each varies according to their needs, but includes journal clubs, pre-appraisal interviews from the research lead with all staff based on RSKT activities, explicit mentorship roles, evaluated in the mentors appraisal, and leadership of discussion on RSKT within School-level Committee structures. Seminars, individual tutorials and updates on the supervision of student research projects are also offered by research leads. The Research Councils Research Skills log is a well-established tool across the University for monitoring MPhil/PhD students progress. A Postgraduate Certificate, led by Leathard on The Research Process aimed at developing research and supervision skills and mapped on to the log is one of the first new programmes validated within the University of Cumbria.

The CHRPD runs seminars, round-tables and research mini-fests, and publishes a monthly news bulletin in term-time and annual digests of research. In collaboration with the Centre for the Development of Learning & Teaching (CDLT), CHRPD also provides courses on Writing for Publication and Research Ethics. In 2006 CHRPD hosted the annual Postgrad Talent NorthWest Annual Postgraduate Research in Science & Medicine (PRISM) Conference.

The Graduate School provides monthly Research Support sessions for post-graduate students at Lancaster and Carlisle campuses, and organises an annual Research & Scholarship Fest. This coincides with a postgraduate 3 week Summer School (open to all postgraduate students) provided for USA-based part-time students studying via a programme which links with the Standing Conference on Academic Research, Connecticut, USA. This programme enables US students to undertake MPhil/PhD study by thesis. All MPhil/PhD students are supervised by teams of up to 4 staff to enable academic cross-fertilisation and mentorship of new supervisors.

The University has been a Sponsoring Partner of CARN for 5 years; this scheme funds 10 CARN memberships over a 3-year period. Following the hosting of the annual CARN Conference at Windermere in 2001, the partnership with CARN has opened opportunities for staff and students to present at further CARN Conferences and participate in CARN Study Days. An inter-faculty CARN Group (20+ members) led by Balogh Ledwith & Marrow meets twice a term, providing mutual research support for action researchers and support for writing and publishing. The group includes local CARN members in the NHS, social care and education sectors. In 2004 it hosted a CARN Study Day, and in 2007 the inaugural meeting of the Northern UK CARN Group, facilitated by Balogh.

Research infrastructure

Postgraduate students benefit from physical and wireless research space, including the new Learning Gateway in Carlisle, with access to library facilities both at UoC and Lancaster University; the UoC library belongs to the SCONUL and NHS lending schemes.

The MI Group (psychophysics) has a dedicated laboratory at Lancaster with four viewing stations calibrated to DICOM grey-scale display function standard for digital medical images from a dual Kodak Orex computed radiology system situated at two locations on campus. The system allows research into image processing functions using Onyxrad software. One station is set up to carry out eye-tracking experiments on human volunteers via a Tobii 1750 remote system with Clearview eye-gaze analysis software. Experiments can be carried out using a database of medical image examinations anonymised and held on a central server or the Tobii system can be transported to clinical sites for ethnographic studies.

Research governance at the University is mediated via an agreed definition of Research & Scholarship, a Code of Conduct and an Ethical Review process based on principles of social justice as well as risk management, which connects with NHS Ethical review processes to avoid duplication. Several staff members, including Cox, Balogh, Marrow, Booth(as Vice-chair) sit on NHS research governance, and Ethics Committees. A common agreement with local NHS Trusts on research governance is expected to be finalised in 2008.

Impact of research

Significant examples of research uptake in MH&HP include Coxs work on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (CFS/ME) (RA2:1,4), initially supported by £2,500 in 2002-3 by the Partnership for Disabilities and Sensory Impairment and with £15,520 in 2003-5 from SCOPE, which informs the Guideline Development Group Royal College of Paediatrics & Child Health; also the Department of Health national steering group on CFS / ME Service investment; National external reference group for NICE guidelines on Management of CFS/ ME. Cox is also the College of Occupational Therapists representative on the Motor Neurone Disease (MND) Association Steering Group to develop guidelines on the management of MND. Balogh & Whitelaws review of the Nature of Action Research for the Welsh Assembly Government Health Promotion Division (£7,516 in 2003-4) informed the Sustainable Health Action Research Projects in Wales, along with the accompanying Crystal-marked Action Research Resource (Balogh et al 2007). Whitelaws work on health promoting schools has contributed to the establishment of baseline indicators for the Scottish Health Promoting Schools Unit. Ledwithswork in Community Development contributes on an ongoing basis to Community Development Challenge, a Home Office initiative to raise the capacity of community development to meet changing social needs.

Whitakers model Pre-Employment Questionnaire for health care workers, developed at doctorate level, was reproduced in the Health and Psychosocial Instruments database in the US. It has been reproduced as an annex in Lewis and Thornbory's Employment Law and Occupational Health 2006, and in Occupational Health for Health Care Workers Ed. Razzak, Jayakumar, Masilamani in Malaysia, expected 2008. This screening tool continues to form the basis for many pre-employment health questionnaires used throughout the NHS.

Leathards research and leadership role on behalf of the British Pharmacological Society towards defining appropriate pharmacology education for prescribing by a range of health professionals led to the decision by the Clinical Section Committee to create some standardisation of basic education for prescribing via a Symposium and a Prescribing Group under Leathardsleadership, working towards a core curriculum for prescribing. Leathards contribution to the evidence base for healing and other complementary therapies is also substantial (initially funded with £2,294 in 2001-2 by the Centre for Complementary Care, Cumbria), as is related scholarly work exploring Christian spiritual approaches to healing from a scientific perspective.

Baloghs tool to assess core competencies for mental health workers via appraisal has been implemented in the NHS and social care in Cumbria, Gateshead, Merseyside and Salford.

In the MI Group the collaborative work with Lancaster University and NHS through the Lancaster Medical Image perception and Neuroscience Research ( LaMINeR) Group has a significant audience in the applied science of radiology and the academic community of fundamental vision sciences, as evidenced in national and international gatherings of these communities and Mannings leading role in this research, including supporting funds from the Radiological Society of N America in 2007. Its medical image perception work is valued in the identification and quantification of radiological error and the development of appropriate education and training programmes in medical imaging. Booths evaluation of transactional analysis as a tool for observing communication in diagnostic radiography has been widely accepted both academically and clinically, and provides the basis for a number of training programmes.

The work of Ledwith, Balogh & Dadds as members of the CARN Co-ordinating Group since 2003 along with 3 other action researchers based at Manchester Metropolitan and Sunderland Universities, has resulted in the Networks substantial growth and the promotion of action research internationally. This has been possible through their initiation of the Sponsoring Partnership scheme (now 20 partners worldwide); the Study Day scheme - which has developed particularly in the health and social care sector, and following the annual CARN conferences in Spain (2004), Holland (2005), and Sweden (2007) the development of a Spanish-speaking section of CARN - which hosted its own CARN Conference in 2007, and plans for Dutch and Nordic sections. The network has also forged links with other international action research associations to create a global alliance.

Collaborative and inter-disciplinary work

Partnerships feature strongly in our research, eg the LaMINeR group; CARN; the internal team approach and use of externals ( eg for 4 LaMINeR students) in postgraduate supervision. Research bids are almost always prepared collaboratively; examples follow. Cox works with Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals (Fatigue management in palliative cancer care) and University of Edinburgh. Manning and colleagues collaborate with University College Dublin, with Morecambe Bay Community NHS Trust (2 funded projects) St Marks Hospital / Northwick Park NHS Trust and with Prof Halligan at University College London. Balogh & Whitelaw continue to collaborate, eg with the Welsh Assembly Government project. Carroll Balogh & Convery (submitted in UoA 16 Agriculture, Veterinary and Food Science)work with the Middlesex University Flood Hazard Research Centre following the 2005 Carlisle floods research. Leathard collaborates with Prof J Grange at University College London; with CancerCare Lancaster and the Centre for Complementary Therapies Cumbria. Collaboration in Europe is well established through the TENN, HENRE and ENOTHE projects. Cromarty works with the Newcastle Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Centre, Universities of Newcastle and Durham.

Among our developing researchers, Stigant works with partners in Leeds and Huddersfield HEIs on digital goniometer research, and OBrien has established links in public health in Kyrgystan, Brazil, New York and Ottawa. Araoz (with Balogh) has established the Transatlantic Research network on Mental Health & the Arts (TRAMHA) with a number of partners in South America,

Local partnerships are supported by joint appointments ( eg between CHRPD and each of the 3 local NHS Trusts) joint seminars, and cross-committee membership.

Collaborative conferences also take place, eg the 2005 Medical Image Perception Society's 10th biannual conference hosted by Manning and Prof Alastair Gale (Loughborough University) at Windermere. A dedicated Conference Office in the new University will encourage this further. The social justice orientation of the University Ethical Guidelines explicitly encourages and requires the involvement of Service Users and community members in research.

Staffing policy

The CHRPD is staffed by its Director, a full-time Research Assistant, and a part time Research Assistant. Staff studying at the University benefit from reduced fees and access to staff development funding, some ring-fenced for RSKT. The University Research Office administers an established Sabbatical Leave Scheme and a Research and Scholarship Development Fund. HEFCE Capability Funding has made a significant contribution. Mentorship schemes within the Schools support experienced researchers in issues such as publication, peer review and the preparation of bids, and staff new to research over opportunities, policies, and the significance of belonging to our academic community. The CDLT has begun to publish an internally peer-reviewed journal of practitioner research in higher education. Succession planning is undertaken by allowing promising staff to relinquish undergraduate teaching, providing supervision and other research opportunities, and supporting sabbatical leave applications. The postgraduate course in The Research Process (start 2008) will provide formal staff development opportunities.

The Faculty has 7 Honorary contracts with external researchers. A Visiting Professorship scheme has been initiated, with one in MIS (Prof A Gale, Loughborough), and nominations received for further academics in MIS and in Public Health.

Research strategy

The new University of Cumbria has expanded our academic community and created new opportunities for collaborative research, eg. with the Centre for Regional Economic Development, and with individual researchers, eg Convery( UoA 16) on floods research. Work on arts and mental health is also a growing area through TRAMHA and collaboration with the Arts Faculty (see also UoA 63).

The University plans to apply for Research Degree Awarding Powers within the next five years and is embedding strategies at Faculty and School level to support this process. The development of thematic groups, already well established in the Schools of Medical Imaging and Rehabilitation and Public Health, is being extended.

Since 2001, local NHS partners have re-configured and some formal associations ( eg the Mental Health Institute) have dissolved. Despite this we continue to collaborate effectively: two joint research appointments, with the Acute and Primary Care Trusts are being implemented, and the number of invitations to undertake research and collaborate in bids in the first term of the new University has already outstripped a typical year in the former College.

Coxs work on the MRC Pace trial and the Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals Fatigue Management in Palliative Care will reach publication over the next 5 years. Her involvement was supported with funding from the University of Edinburgh (£18,654, 2004-7). McLeods book on Listening to Children: A Practitioners Guide commissioned by Jessica Kingsley is scheduled for publication in 2008 as is Ledwiths book, commissioned with J Springett by the Policy Press: Participatory Practice: Community-based Action for Transformative Change. Sugarman & Wright have a contract with Wiley for Life Course Development Theory and Successful Therapeutic intervention.
Marrows collaborative research with Portuguese nurses on clinical supervision and quality of nursing care, and with 7 nursing schools in 5 European countries to explore the Clinical Learning Environment will also reach publication.
Publications of significance will continue to grow in MI, eg Wrights thesis will inform the DoH and purchasing managers on appropriate economic strategies for acquiring medical imaging equipment.
Several staff intend to complete their doctoral studies: 4 in MI; 8 in HP&MH.


Mental health & health promotion

Balogh is on the Editorial Panel of Educational Action Research Journal; reviews for International Journal for Quality in Health Care, Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health; British Journal of General Practice (until 2004); and reviewed by invitation for Journal of Genetic Counseling.

Member of the Co- ordinating group of the international Collaborative Action Research Network (CARN), organizer of CARN Study Days (4 per year), chaired CARN Steering Group at CARN Conferences in Manchester 2003; Malaga 2004; Utrecht 2005.

  • Plenary panel member, Action Research: Principles, Challenges & Future Directions Cardiff University Nov 2002
  • Member, Organising Team and Scientific Committee 6 th Annual Enhancing Practice Conference 2006 (representing CARN).
  • Keynote speaker: CARN 30 birthday Conference Nottingham 2006: CARN Study Days Studied: reflections on collaboration in the CARN Study Day Programme 2003 2006

Cox was external examiner for MPhil thesis, University of Southampton (2004), and for MSc in the Management of Long-term conditions, University of Central Lancashire (2003-7); reviews for British Journal of Occupational Therapy and British Journal of General Practice. Member of the Department of Health CFS / ME Services Investment Steering Group. Abstract Reviewer World Federation of Occupational Therapy Conference 2006.

Cromarty is Associate Editor of the British Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies (BABCP)s clinical journal The Cognitive & Behavioural Psychotherapist (2007) and Specialist reviewer for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapy 2003-present

Gibson reviews forBioethics; reviewed parts of the manuscript for McHale, J. & Gallagher, A. Nursing and Human Rights London: Butterworth Heinemann, 2003, and has contributed book reviews for Practical Philosophy; Analytic Teaching and The Shap Review. External Examiner for MPhil at Liverpool University and has been commissioned to write papers for the journal Dialogue in 2001 and 2007. Invited to speak at the Beijing Symposium on Feminist Approaches to Bioethics in China 2001 and was on the Steering Group for this conference.

Leathard has been invited to review books for British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology and Sacred Space/Spirituality & Health International. Member of the Editorial Board of Sacred Space/Spirituality and Health International, is editor-designate of Chrism: The Journal of the Guild of St Raphael, and referees for British Journal of Pharmacology and the Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology. Has served a term as an external examiner for M level courses at City University.

Awarded Fellowship of the British Pharmacological Society; member of its Clinical Section and Education & Training Committees and convener of the Education for Prescribing Group; Member of the Physiological Society, Consultant to Centre for the Study of Theology & Health, Council member of the Guild of St Raphael;

  • provided a Briefing Paper for the General Synod July 2004 in support of Blackburn Diocesan Synod Motion on Drug Misuse GS Misc 748 Church House Westminster;
  • Keynote lecture, RCN Nurse Practitioner Association Annual Conference 2004: Neurotransmitter functioning and mental health
  • Invited lecture: Order of St Luke the Physician Annual Conference Southborne Bournemouth 2005: I am with you always

Ledwith reviews for Educational Action Research Journal and Action Research, was on the editorial board of Reflective Practice 2002-2005; was consultant for Butcher, Banks, Henderson & Robinson (2007) Critical Community Practice, Bristol: The Policy Press, and recently contributed cover endorsements for Borg & Mayo (2007) Public Intellectuals, Radical Democracy and Social Movements, New York: Peter Lang, and Burns (2007) Systemic Action Research, Bristol: The Policy Press.
External examiner for PhDs at University of Manchester & Liverpool John Moores University; external consultant for PhD, Brunel University Centre for Citizen Participation. External advisor for MA in International Community Development, Universities of Lucerne and Westminster 2007; MA Applied Social Studies, National University of Ireland, Maynooth 2007; external evaluator, University of Ireland Maynooth 2006; and external examiner for MA dissertation, University of Malta 2006.
Visiting Professor, Liverpool John Moores University; invited to consider Visiting Professorship at Bergen.
Member of the Co- ordinating Group of CARN, responsible for Sponsoring Partnerships and Special Initiatives; chair of Steering Group at annual CARN Conferences Nottingham (2006) and Umea (Sweden) 2007.
Invited to present to an international seminar on Paulo Freire by Prof. Bruno Schettini at the Seconda Universita di Napoli. Community Work as Critical Pedagogy: Re-envisioning Freire and Gramsci is listed on the Paulo Freire Institute homepage.

  • External consultant, National University of Ireland at Maynooth, 2005
  • Keynote speaker for International Summer Institute for Lifelong Learning, University of Malta Lifelong Learning and Community: community development, women and marginalized groups 2007.

Marrow isResearch supervisor, Royal College of Nursing (RCN) Institute; External Examiner for the MSC Leadership and Management in Health and Social Care, University of Southampton. Reviewer for Journal of Research in Nursing.
Coordinator of the curriculum development group for an EC funded European MSc Advanced Nursing Practice.
Project Co-ordinator for the TENN covering 68 HEIs in 25 countries across the EU;
2005 International External Nursing Expert for the examination of the evaluation process of the BSc Nursing Curriculum in 32 Nursing Schools across Portugal.
2006 External expert for Post-Basic Cancer Curricula across Europe.
2003-2004 Consultant for National Project In Context: Balancing the Nursing Curriculum.
Key Paper on Bologna Process and the TENN May 2005 Lisbon by invitation

McLeod has reviewed for Child and Family Social Work and provided a book review for Child Abuse and Neglect. Member of BAAF (British Association for Adoption and Fostering) research interest group.

Book Reviews Editor, British Journal of Guidance and Counselling (from 2007); Editorial Advisory Panel, British Journal of Guidance and Counselling (2000 06). External examiner for PhDs at University of Brighton & University of Loughborough. External PhD supervisor, University of London ( Birkbeck College), awarded 2006.
Vice President from 1997 of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. Responsibilities include: Chair, BACP Fellowship Panel; Chair, BACP Teaching and Learning Forum; Member, BACP Core Curriculum Strategy Group

  • Keynote Address, Annual British Psychological Society Counselling Psychology Conference, Chester: Loosening Chronologys Collar: Exploring the Tension Between Time and Agelessness 2007
  • Inaugural Seminar Research Institute for Life Course Studies, University of Keele: An Applied Lifespan Developmental Psychology for the 21 st Century 2007
  • Session chair Annual BACP Research Conference York 2006 and Glasgow 2007

Whitaker has reviewed for Occupational and Environmental Health, Occupational Medicine (Journal of the Society of Occupational Medicine), Occupational Health Journal; i s external examiner for MSc courses at Brunel University, London (from 2004) and external PhD examiner for Glasgow Caledonian University.
Visiting Scholar at the University of California San Francisco;
Keynote speaker:

  • Malaysian Medical Association conference Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 2007 Pre employment health assessment for health care workers, from a health services research perspective
  • National Institute of Safety and Health conference Genting Highlands Malaysia 2007 The World Health Organisation Global Plan of Action on Worker's health 2008-2015 - implications for SE Asia

Invited speaker at:

  • Conference on Nurses Health and Working Conditions Kitakyushu Japan 2007 Nurse Migration and the UK situation;
  • Conference on Medical Risk Management Kota Bharu. Malaysia 2005 Public Health & Occupational Health;
  • Comfort in the Workplace Kitakyushu. Japan 2005 Stress risk assessment of health care workers

Former Chair of the RCN Society of Occupational Health Nursing. Founding Chair of the UK Occupational Health Nurses Research Forum. Member of the Health and Safety Executive programme action group for Securing Health Together.

Whitelaw is a member of the Editorial Board of Critical Public Health, and reviews for Health Education Research: Theory & Practice. Visiting Lecturer for University of Nottingham Masters in Public Health

Stiganthas examined PhDs at University of Bradford and University of Huddersfield; reviews for Clinical Biomechanics, Physiotherapy, and reviewed Curtis, K Physical Therapy: Professional foundations: Keys to success in school and career Slack 2002

OBrien held a Visiting Professorship in International Health, Fall Term 2007 Faculty of Health, Cortland College, State University of New York, USA, and was invited to lead workshops at the Institute of Women's Studies, University of Ottawa on Using Participatory Video and Photography for research in medical anthropology. Araoz was invited by the Brazilian Ministry of Culture to present his anthropological work on Carnival, 2007.

Medical Imaging

Manning has externally examined 11 PhDs and 2 MPhils at Universities of York, Wales Bangor, Kent, Glasgow Caledonian, Liverpool, Portsmouth, Derby, Sheffield Hallam, West of England, Bristol and the Faculty of Medicine University College Dublin. Peer review work includes Associate Editorship of the British Journal of Radiology; Editorial Board of Radiography (1998 2008), Clinical Chemistry (2002-2006); Academic Radiology and Transactions in Applied Perception.

  • Elected Fellow of the Institute of Physics, London 2003
  • Specialist advisor to HEFCE RAE 2001 UoA 19 (Physics) and UoA 11 ( AHPs);
  • External Consultant and Chair, PhD Supervisory Panel, Faculty of Health Sciences University of Kent, 2000-4;
  • External assessor and consultant, Academic Promotions Board 2002 National University of Ireland, University College Dublin
  • External assessor, Board of Tenure, Faculty of Medical Sciences, Radiology, University of Arizona Tucson 2006
  • External assessor, Professorial Appointments Panel National University of Ireland, University College Dublin 2006
  • Chair, National Committee 2002-5 National Special Interest Group in Medical Image Interpretation;
  • Member of the Department of Health Policies Committee on R & D in Nursing & Allied Health Professions 2003-7;
  • Chair, Committee on Research Strategy, College of Radiographers (COR) 2004-6;
  • Royal College of Radiologists Adjudicating Committee on Research Grant applications 2005-8

Invited Conference chairmanship

Special Interest Group in Radiography Reporting. UK Conference,
Bristol September 2002
Society of Photo-optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE) Medical Imaging 2003. Perception, Observer Performance & Technology Assessment. Session Chair San Diego USA February 2003, 2005 & 2006; Conference Organiser 2005 & 2006.

Chair and Organiser of International Conferences

UKRC Session Organiser and Chair 2003-7
Medical Image Perception Society Organiser and Chair 2005
SPIE Symposium: Perception, Observer Performance & Technology Assessment Conference organising committee member 2005-2010
SPIE Symposium: Perception, Observer Performance & Technology Assessment Conference Chair 2007-2010

Invited speaker

Romanian Society of Nuclear Medicine, First National Congress of Nuclear Medicine, Bucharest 2002: Medical Imaging: decision making from visual information
Scientific Meeting of the BIR London October 2003 Influence of experience and training on chest image interpretation Recent Advances in Radiology Reporting
ATARP Conference of the Portuguese Radiological Society Lisbon 2003: Radiography reporting in the UK the current position
British Society of Dental & Maxillofacial Radiology, Spring Scientific Meeting Mandec, Manchester University 28 th April 2005 Training and performance evaluation in medical image interpretation
Keynote speaker PRISM Conference St Martins College June 2006

Booth has examined a PhD at City University (2007), and reviews for Radiography.
Chair, Research Committee, COR
Adjudicating Committee Member, COR Grant awards 2005-7.
Member, Scientific & Research Committee University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay 2002-4
Member, Special Interest Group at Cancer Care (Lancaster) 2005-7

Donovan is Associate Editor of The British Journal of Radiology
Visiting lecturer in Psychology from 2006, Lancaster University.
Member, of the Psychology Ethics Committee, Lancaster University.
Invited Speaker UKRC 2005.

Marshall isexternal examiner for MSc in Medical Imaging, Kingston University, MSc in Breast Diagnosis at St George's Hospital Medical School and MSc in MRI at University College Dublin; has been external examiner for MSc in Diagnostic Radiography, City University, and sits on the Editorial Board of Radiography

  • Postgraduate validator and external expert, COR
  • Invited Session Chair 54 th Annual National Conference of Australian
    Institute of Radiography, Adelaide, March 2003
  • Invited Session Moderator for European Congress of Radiology March 2004
  • Academic reviewer: Quality Assurance/ Quality Improvement Diagnostic Imaging, University College Dublin April 2004
  • Advances in Technology Planning Subgroup Member for UK Radiological Congress Aug 2004 - June 2005
  • Session Chair for UK Radiological Congress June 2005
  • QAA reviewer 2005 - 2007
  • National MRI Reference Group- Skills for Health 2006
  • GE Editorial Advisory Board re Workplace Safety in the Radiological Environment 2006
  • Project co-ordinator EU funded radiography thematic network HENRE 2006- present
  • Invited speaker: Developing Higher Education in Medical Imaging, Radiography Education in Denmark, Danish Radiographers Union workshop Odense October 2006
  • Invited Session chair Safety in Workplace and presenter GE Workplace Safety symposium pre European Congress of Radiology Vienna March 2007

N Jones is external examiner for the MSc programme Medical Ultrasound, City University.
External assessor ,COR;
Advisor and national accreditor for Sonographic education;
External advisor and examiner to Dept of Medical Imaging University of Kabangsan, Kuala Lumpur
Invited speaker: Postgraduate Ultrasound Education: a Review Euroson Copenhagen 2003
K Holmesis external examiner for MSc Medical Imaging (Radionuclide imaging) Bradford University & Trinity College Dublin; and external reviewer for Radiography.
Elected to British Nuclear Medicine Society Technology Group
Invited interactive session SNM Conference New Orleans 2003
Invited review: Southwest Regional Society Meeting Bristol 2003
Invited review ANZSNM Conference Wellington 2004
Invited interactive session at British Nuclear medicine Society Annual Meeting 2006