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For the purposes of the RAE 2008, the following definitions apply:

one of the 67 subject Units of Assessment for the 2008 RAE.
a complete set of forms RA0 to RA5c returned by an HEI in any of the 67 UOAs.
the staff included in a submission to one of the 67 UOAs recognised by the RAE, and, by extension, their work and the structures which support it. RAE departments are often not identified with a single administrative unit within an HEI, or in the case of joint submissions, across HEIs.
Census date
the date determining the affiliation of research staff to a particular institution. Staff may be submitted in the RAE by the institution by which they are employed on this date (or in the case of Category C staff by the institution that is the focus of their research), regardless of previous or forthcoming changes in their employment status. The census date is 31 October 2007.
Assessment period
the period from 1 January 2001 to 31 July 2007 and the period to which the research described in submissions, including data about research students and research income and the textual commentary must relate.
Publication period
the period during which research outputs must be placed in the public domain (or in the case of confidential outputs, lodged with the sponsor) if they are to qualify for assessment in RAE 2008. The publication period runs from 1 January 2001 to 31 December 2007 for all UOAs.
Full-time equivalence:
i. For staff, it refers to the extent of a member of staff's contracted duties as compared to those of a typical full-time member of staff in the same category. The length of time in the year for which the individual was employed and the relative proportion of total contracted time spent on research are irrelevant in reporting staff FTE.
ii. For students, it refers to the amount of study undertaken in the year of programme of study compared to a full-time student with the same qualification aim studying for a full year.
FTEs should be expressed to two decimal places, such as 0.67, apart from the contracted FTE of Category A staff, for which the minimum FTE that may be reported is 0.2.
Selected staff
the named staff included in RAE submissions by HEIs in accordance with their own internal code of practice on preparing submissions and selecting staff for inclusion. Other staff may be eligible for inclusion, that is, satisfy the data definitions and requirements, but HEIs are not required to select for inclusion all their eligible staff.
any data included in any of forms RA0 to RA5c.
Early career researchers
individuals of any age who first entered the academic profession on employment terms that qualified them for submission to RAE2008 as Category A staff on or after 1 August 2003.