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Research Assessment Exercise 2008: Joint Submissions

1.   This document informs HEIs of the administrative arrangements for making joint submissions in the 2008 Research Assessment Exercise (RAE). It should be read in conjunction with the RAE 2008 Data Collection System User Guide.

2.   The data collection system for the 2008 RAE enables two or more HEIs to make a joint submission in a UOA comprising research developed or undertaken collaboratively between them. Sub-panels will subsequently receive and assess joint submissions in the same format as other submissions ie, in the form of a unified entity.

3.   Joint submissions are optional: HEIs do not need to seek permission before making them.

4.   An HEI may make a joint submission with one or more other HEIs in a UOA and its own independent submission to that same UOA. This would be treated in the same way as a multiple submission. See the Guidance on making multiple submissions.

5.   The technical processes involved in making joint submissions through the data collection system are described in the RAE 2008 Data Collection System User Guide Administration chapter.

6.   This is a summary of the administrative arrangements:

7.   HEIs that are considering making a joint submission with an(other) HEI(s) need to agree

  1. Which HEI will be the administrative lead.
  2. On what basis (FTE or percentage) they wish subsequent funding allocations to be calculated by the funding bodies: a percentage split, if desired, must be confirmed at the point of submission.

Verification of data in joint submissions

8.   We will verify data in joint submissions in the same way as other submissions except that all data in RA2 and RA5a will be verified through the administrative lead HEI. The administrative lead HEI will also take responsibility for making available to panels the research outputs cited in RA2.


NB: Content amended 21 November 2006. This affects the seventh bullet point in paragraph 6 only.