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Collecting research outputs

We required HEIs to provide all of the research outputs cited in their RAE 2008 submissions (apart from journal articles collected through the provision of DOIs) on a specified date shortly after the submission deadline.

We collected journal articles (output type D) electronically. We collected all other output types in a portable physical format.

Further information about the process for providing the RAE team with copies of research outputs is in Circular letter 2007/01 - RAE2008: Arrangements for making submissions electronically and for subsequent deposit of physical research outputs (2 July 2007).

RAE 2008: Licence agreement between HEFCE and Copyright Licensing Agency (December 2008)

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The following information on this page is archived from the submission and assessment phases:

Arrangements for the physical deposit of research outputs (updated 15 November 2007)

Further information on arrangements for the physical deposits of research outputs following the submission deadline of noon on 30 November 2007 was supplied to HEIs on 15 November 2007. The address and location map of the Research Outputs Repository are now available.

We provided more details on the procedures for depositing physical outputs (annexes B, C, D and E) with the Circular letter 2007/01, including the date on which your research outputs should be delivered to Burghill Road (Annex E). If you are able to say at roughly what time of the day your delivery is likely to arrive that would be extremely helpful. Please e-mail Elizabeth Lathwood, the Research Outputs Supervisor, at if you are able to do this.

Outputs marked as "pending publication" (added 15 November 2007)

The RAE data collection system permits institutions to mark as "pending publication" research outputs which are published after the submission deadline but prior to the end of the publication period on 31 December 2007. In Annex C of RAE Circular letter 2007/01 we informed HEIs that these "pending" outputs need to be provided to the RAE team by 31 January 2008. To ensure that panels receive the correct bibliographic information for all outputs, in the week commencing Monday 7 January 2008 we will provide HEIs with an electronic file (probably in MS Excel format) listing all pending outputs in their submissions. This information will be sent to the RAE contact by e-mail. HEIs will need to complete the missing bibliographic data in accordance with the validation requirements of the RAE data collection system and return the completed file to the RAE Team no later than 31 January 2008. We will then provide this additional information to the panels.

Naming of PDF files (updated June 2007)

Institutions needing to submit PDF files (in the absence of a DOI) for journal articles should use the unique RAE 2008 RA2Id for naming such files.

We have developed a report in the RAE 2008 data collection system which lists all journal articles (output type D) without a DOI listed in a submission. The report lists the staff member details and output identification data (as in other RA2 reports) and the name they should give to the PDF file. This has the form "r" + RA2Id + ".pdf" (ie, the lowercase letter r, followed by the Id, followed by a full stop, followed by the lowercase letters pdf).

In response to requests from institutions, we have developed additional protocols each of which may be used to name PDF files being submitted in the absence of DOIs for journal articles (output type D). Institutions are free to choose to use any one of these protocols. These protocols are identified in the RAE 2008 data collection system release guide [Adobe PDF 874K] (latest version 29 August 2007: this update includes changes to chapters 4,5,6 and 7. FAQs in Chapter 5 updated on 16th October 2007: this affects page 24 only).

Any PDF file of a journal article being supplied to the RAE Team where the DOI is not available should be named using one of these protocols to provide a unique identification reference.

RAE 2008: requirements for electronic and/or physical provision of research outputs by output type (January 2007)

Guidance about what to provide when we collect outputs, and in what format, is available in a matrix format to download below.

[ MS Excel 28K | Zipped Excel 7K | Adobe PDF 17K | Zipped PDF 12K ]

RAE 2008: Licence agreement between HEFCE and Copyright Licensing Agency (January 2007)

An agreement has been put in place to allow the RAE Team and panel members access to published research outputs for the purposes of the RAE 2008. Details of this arrangement are outlined in the guidance on accessing and submitting research outputs.

Research outputs (August 2006)

Preliminary information about the collection and storage of research outputs for the RAE 2008.

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