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Information on this page is archived from the pilot and submission phases.

Contingency arrangements

At risk period

The "at risk" period for the RAE 2008 data collection system, when any scheduled maintenance or updates to the system will be undertaken, will be the same as that used by JANET - Tuesdays from 07:00 to 09:00.

Back-up system

The RAE2008 data collection system is supported by two database servers and two web servers located at HEFCE. Therefore in the event of a server failure there should be only minimal risk of data loss. Additional back-up servers have been located at an alternative site and in the event of a major incident (eg, power failure or network loss) of the principal system, the RAE 2008 data collection system will transfer to the back-up servers. In the event that this occurs, data entered in the previous 30 minutes may be at risk.

Data Integrity

All communications between the web server and client machines in institutions will be encrypted. Access to the database before the submission date will not be permitted to anyone other than authorised personnel within each HEI and HEFCE's system administrators.