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One of the options open to HEIs to enter data into the RAE 2008 data collection system is to bulk upload data using the import functionality. A temporary web-site has been put in place (available until 30 November 2007) to allow HEIs to test the import routines of the RAE 2008 data collection system. This site is for test purposes only and will not be used as part of the RAE 2008 submission process. The site will allow HEIs to review their processes of using the data collection system without using the live system, for example to test their methods of importing different types of data.

Please see the test web-site section for more information.

Import file formats (amended January 2007)

There are several methods for importing data into the RAE 2008 data collection system. The software will allow the import of data held in:

N.B. For data files using Microsoft applications we will accept: 97, 2000, XP, and 2003 versions.

N.B. There is no guarantee that the output styles, the RAE team have provided, for EndNote and Reference Manager will work for earlier versions than 8 and 10 respectively.