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Information on this page is archived from the pilot and submission phases.

Import with Microsoft Excel files

January 2007

The Microsoft Excel template has been amended to allow the import of user account data with three new worksheets ("User", "FormPermission", "FunctionPermission") added to the workbook. Please see the User Guide for further information. Please note, the import engine accepts files without the full complement of worksheets in them. An example has also been added to aid users constructing a Microsoft Excel import file for a (partial) single submission.

March 2006

Please note that the Microsoft Excel template has been amended. There have been three new columns ("DOI", "InterestConflicts", "DatesConflictExplanation") added to the RA2 Research outputs form. The import engine will still accept both old and new file formats.

January 2006

One of the methods for importing data into the RAE 2008 data collection software is by using Microsoft Excel files (we will accept: 97; 2000; XP; and 2003 versions). Information about the fields in the templates can be found in the 'Guidance on submissions' (RAE 03/2005).

A few minor differences in column and table names between the XML Schema and the original Microsoft Excel template have been brought to our attention. The differences are listed below and the template has been amended to use the names given in the XML Schema. The import engine will however accept both sets of names for Microsoft Excel files.

The differences between the XML Schema and Microsoft Excel templates are as follows:

Microsoft Excel Template

This template gives the expected structure of an Excel import file. However, the import file does not have to include all the worksheets or all the columns in order to complete the import process - see the guidance notes on import for more information.