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Information on this page is archived from the pilot and submission phases.

Test web-site

September 2006

This web-site replaces the temporary web-site that was made available to HEIs to test the import routines of the RAE 2008 data collection system. The web-site uses a copy of the same version of software as is used by the live RAE 2008 data collection system but with a separate database. Please note, it will not have the same level of support as the live system.

The web-site will allow HEIs to try out various processes of managing their RAE submissions in the data collection system including bulk importing data in a variety of formats (see the main Import page). The site is for test purposes only and will not be used as part of the RAE 2008 submission process.

All user accounts of the previous import test web-site have been transferred to this new web-site and have been given full permissions to research assessment form data in all submissions, the ability to create other users in their HEI and full rights to all functionality in the system. The submission list has also been transferred but no submission data has been kept.

In order to use this particular web-site, users at HEIs which have no other users of this web-site must e-mail the RAE team at with their:

An account will then be set-up by the system administrators and an initial password sent to the user.