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Professor Maggie Pearson

Archived information - not updated after 2008

RAE Panel C: biography of the Chair

Dentistry, Nursing and Midwifery, Allied Health Professions and Studies, Pharmacy

Professor Maggie Pearson


Professor Pearson was Deputy Vice-Chancellor at Keele University until September 2007. She was previously Deputy Director of Human Resources at the Department of Health with lead responsibility for learning and personal development of the NHS and social care workforce, and Regional Director of Research and Development for the NHS in the North West.

A qualified nurse, her academic background is in the social sciences, with a specific focus on health issues. Her research has focused principally on how people manage their health needs.

She is a member of the UK Commission on Human Medicines, a Director of the UK Sector Skills Development Agency and a member of the HEFCE Advisory Group on Strategically Important and Vulnerable Subjects.