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27 April 2006

To   RAE contacts at UK HEIs

RAE Circular letter 2006/01

For further information contact Ed Hughes, Davina Madden or Raegan Hiles, tel 0117 931 7267; e-mail

Dear RAE contact

RAE 2008: additional information on reporting income in RAE submissions

1.   This letter informs higher education institutions (HEIs) how they should report the following in their RAE 2008 submissions:

  1. The estimated value of Research Council facility time and the value of facility development grants awarded by the Council for the Central Laboratory of the Research Councils (CCLRC).

  2. Research Council allocations paid in 2005 as transitional funding for the introduction of full economic costing.

  3. For selected units of assessment, research income by research group.

2.   This letter and annexes should be read in conjunction with the 'Guidance on submissions' (RAE 03/2005) for the 2008 RAE. That document describes in detail the administrative arrangements and data requirements for submissions.

3.   This letter and annexes are copied for information to heads of institutions.

Research Council facilities and facility development grants

4.   The RAE team announced in RAE 03/2005 that eligible income would include both the estimated value of Research Council facilities time allocated through peer review and used by researchers in university departments, and the value of CCLRC facility development grants (see RAE 03/2005, paragraphs 150-151). We said we would make a full statement on arrangements for reporting this income at a later date.

5.   We have agreed with CCLRC a system for HEIs to verify the value of facility time allocations from Research Councils against the records held by the relevant Research Council; and for them to include in RAE submissions both that income and income from facility development grants. Annex A gives further details.

Research Council transitional funding allocations for the introduction of full economic costing

6.   The Research Councils allocated 141 million to HEIs during 2005 as transitional funding for the introduction of full economic costing. After we published RAE 03/2005 in June 2005, the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) confirmed that HEIs should report their portion of this money in the 2004-05 and 2005-06 HESA Finance Statistics Return.

7.   We hereby confirm that those allocations may also be reported as research income in RAE 2008 submissions. Annex B gives further details, and supplements the guidance given in paragraphs 132-153 of RAE 03/2005.

Reporting research income by research group

8.   A number of RAE 2008 sub-panels wish HEIs to report research income by research group, as previously noted in RAE 03/2005 paragraph 153. The data collection system will be configured to collect research income in this way where the sub-panels have specified this requirement in their criteria and working methods. This includes circumstances where the submission comprises only one research group. Annex C lists the units of assessment where this applies.

Yours sincerely

Ed Hughes
RAE Manager


Annexes A - C

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