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RAE2008 Data collection user guide

January 2007

Ref RAE 01/2007

To: RAE data contacts and RAE contacts at UK HEIs
Of interest to those responsible for: Research assessment, Research policy, Data collection
Reference: RAE 01/2007
Publication date: January 2007
Enquiries to Mark Cytera, Jennifer Crook or Ed Hughes
tel 0117 931 7185

Executive summary


1.   This document explains how to use the RAE2008 data collection system to make submissions to the 2008 Research Assessment Exercise (RAE 2008). It should be read in conjunction with the RAE 2008 Data collection release guide [Adobe PDF 874K], which will be updated periodically (latest version 29 August 2007: this update includes changes to chapters 4,5,6 and 7. FAQs in Chapter 5 updated on 16th October 2007: this affects page 24 only).

Key points

2.   Institutions must use the data collection system to make submissions to the RAE2008. It is not possible to make a submission without using the RAE2008 data collection system.

3.   This user guide describes all the steps institutions need to take to make a submission to the RAE2008, including how to input, validate and submit data.

4.   The final version of the RAE2008 data collection system is available to institutions to use from 3 January 2007.

Action required

5.   Submissions to RAE2008 must be made by noon on 30 November 2007.


NB: Adobe pdf versions amended 31 January 2007 and 14 March 2007. This affects the following chapters:

See the Release guide - Chapter 6 (Documentation issues) for details of the changes.

Full document

[ Adobe PDF 5.2Mb | Zipped PDF 4Mb ] *

Full document without annexes

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By chapter

  1. Getting started [Adobe PDF 209K]
  2. Help [Adobe PDF 130K]
  3. Administration [Adobe PDF 1.3Mb]
  4. Data entry: all [Adobe PDF 2.1Mb] *
    1. Data entry: introduction [Adobe PDF 12K]
    2. Data entry: research groups [Adobe PDF 188K]
    3. Data entry: RA0 [Adobe PDF 134K]
    4. Data entry: RA1 [Adobe PDF 433K] *
    5. Data entry: RA2 [Adobe PDF 567K] *
    6. Data entry: RA3a [Adobe PDF 165K]
    7. Data entry: RA3b [Adobe PDF 178K]
    8. Data entry: RA4 [Adobe PDF 246K]
    9. Data entry: RA5a [Adobe PDF 228K] *
    10. Data entry: RA5b [Adobe PDF 275K] *
    11. Data entry: RA5c [Adobe PDF 280K] *
  5. Search [Adobe PDF 97K]
  6. Import [Adobe PDF 423K]
  7. Export [Adobe PDF 275K]
  8. Validate [Adobe PDF 298K]
  9. Print [Adobe PDF 252K] *
  10. Reports [Adobe PDF 227K] *
  11. Options [Adobe PDF 100K]
  12. Web services [Adobe PDF 170K] *