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RAE2008 procedural information

March 2009

Panel minutes

The procedural panel minutes from the 2008 assessment period are available, in keeping with the principles of a transparent assessment process stated in RAE03/2005 RAE2008 Guidance on submissions.

Note on preparing RAE minutes for publication (MS Word 241K)


The overall quality profile, and sub-profiles for research outputs, research environment and esteem indicators for each submission of four or more headcount (Category A plus Category C staff).


All UoAs (MS Excel)

[ MS Excel 1.7Mb | Zipped Excel 353K ]

By UoA (PDF)

Specialist Advisors

The names and organisations of specialist advisors who gave advice to RAE2008 panels.

NB: this does not include RAE2008 panel members who acted as specialist advisors for other RAE2008 panels.

Download list of Specialist Advisors

[ MS Excel 199K | Zipped Excel 53K ]