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RA1, RA2 and RA5c: Staff and output details and Category C staff circumstances


Clements, J M - Category : A

RA2 - Research outputs:

Number of outputs: 4

Output number: 1 of 4


'Step-Up' 2005 Exhibition

Output type: Exhibition
Venue: The Great Northern Warehouse, Manchester
Opening date: 01/07/2005
Number of pieces: 1
Closing date: 10/07/2005
Media of output: CD
Other relevant details: The 'Step-UP' exhibition 2005 at The Great Northern Warehouse in Manchester was researched, designed, curated and directed by Jo Clements in conjunction with Sam Ingleson and working closely with 21 schools from across the North West including Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Merseyside, Cheshire and Cumbria. The exhibition represents the Arts and Media strand of a larger festival which showcases art and creative development opportunities. All participant schools are either Specialist Arts Colleges or hold an Arts Council Artsmark award. Working closely with pupils examples of work were chosen to be presented in the exhibition and films created by young people were also showcased on The Big Screen in both Manchester and Liverpool and special screenings were held at Cornerhouse Arts Centre. Step Up was initiated by The Bridgewater Hall Community Education Trust and is supported by Arts Council England, North West Arts, Learning North West, and AGMA. Partners included CAPE, BBC Big Screen, Royal Exchange, URBIS and Cornerhouse Arts Centre, Manchester. A website, a newspaper and poster and flyers have been produced and distributed widely across the North West including targeting every school in order to increase awareness of the arts and their value in the region. The festival is now in it's fifth year and is Jo's fourth year as Visual Arts Co-Director. Information is provided in the portfolio of evidence.

Output number: 2 of 4



Output type: Exhibition
Venue: Mid Pennine Gallery, Yorke Street, Burnley, Lancashire
Opening date: 21/02/2004
Number of pieces: 1
Closing date: 27/03/2004
Media of output: CD & promotional material
Other relevant details: 'Misdirection' was a solo exhibition sponsored by the Arts Council North West, and developed in response to an exploratory journey undertaken by the author documenting a magicians convention for 6 days on the QE2. A comprehensive diary was compiled throughout the trip and hundreds of hand and card positions were painstakingly documented over many hours of research during performance and presentation. The series of selected images and text developed for the exhibition represented a synthesis of the wide range of research materials gathered. The resulting works in the exhibition combined to create a fractured narrative that neither instructs or dictates but both demonstrated and revealed a definitive reading of my experience. An accompanying video 'Escape' (A in portfolio), illustrated an escapologists act, usually reserved for a live audience, and which is now performed on a balcony in downtown Manhattan and viewed on film in a gallery setting, challenging the viewer to create new meanings and new perspectives. Central to my exploration was the study of the manipulation of perception, and how we can be directed and manipulated into constructing meaning by exposure to selective imagery and information. My current practice continues to explore possibilities both technical and thematically for video practice. The exhibition was advertised in a-n magazine and work from the exhibition has been shown in a larger exhibition 'Counter Measure' in Highbury, London (B in the portfolio).

Output number: 3 of 4


'What Would You Do If?'

Output type: Exhibition
Venue: Salford Museum and Art Gallery
Opening date: 08/05/2006
Number of pieces: 1
Closing date: 19/11/2006
Media of output: CD, promotional material
Other relevant details: This exhibition, 'What would you do if?', was created by leading Northwest artists, and includes work by the author, and local people who worked with recent asylum seekers and was presented in Salford Museum and Art Gallery. It examined issues that resonate across the nation, that of uncertainty, fear and hope. I was invited by the museum curator to work directly as an artist with four recent Asylum seeking women creating work that reflected their experiences as asylum seekers living in Salford. The resulting work comprised a four way split screen, whereby each of the four women were shown concurrently performing day to day acts that expressed their experiences. This was a large screen projection projected within a specially constructed video space. The video reflects the women's status and drew upon the debates surrounding asylum seeking therefore have to find ways to fill their time. An events programme of performance, music, art and food accompanied the exhibition. The Exhibition was sponsored by the Arts Council England, DCMS, Salford City Council, The Baring Foundation and the Learning Skills Council. The Exhibition was publicised in 'Here and Now' booklet promoting Salford Heritage Service, Local and National newspapers. Articles about the exhibition were published in Salford Advertiser, Manchester Evening News, and it was featured on BBC radio GMR. Evidence can be found in the accompanying portfolio.

Output number: 4 of 4



Output type: Exhibition
Venue: Bath Fringe Festival, The Old Postal Museum, Bath
Opening date: 26/05/2007
Number of pieces: 1
Closing date: 10/06/2007
Media of output: CD
Other relevant details: This was a group exhibition of works by regional and international artists each giving different perspectives on the theme of identity, chosen by a guest selection panel including Mariele Neudecker and Roddy Llewellyn. My work produced for the exhibition focuses on one piece of found footage, "Helping Johnny Remember", a 1950's US 'social guidance' film whose function was to encourage children's 'good' behaviour and social capabilities as defined by that era. This was part of a body of work that I produced which examines 1950's America and the birth of teen culture as a catalyst for and backdrop to current events and views on US society. The film was shown as part of an installation alongside reproductions of model houses made by the children during the film. The intention was to create a work that is not only a celebration of the original film but that also contains objects that imply a connection to this other time. I work primarily with found film footage, most recently with 'social guidance' films usually made in the US in the 1950's/60's. The films are digitised and manipulated on the computer in ways that deconstruct their original meaning to create work which crosses boundaries of time, place and importance. My practice continues to explore possibilities both technical and thematically for video practice, a-n magazine reviewed the exhibition in their August edition.