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RA1, RA2 and RA5c: Staff and output details and Category C staff circumstances


Allain, P A C - Category : A

RA2 - Research outputs:

Number of outputs: 4

Output number: 1 of 4


The Art of Stillness - the Theatre Practice of Tadashi Suzuki

Output type: Authored book
Publisher: Methuen
Year of publication: 2002
Number of pages: 214
ISBN: 0 -413 76960-7
Other relevant details: Also published by Palgrave Macmillan, New York, 2003

Output number: 2 of 4


Polish Theatre After 1989: Beyond Borders

Output type: Other form of assessable output
Description of type: Routledge, Taylor and Francis Group
Location: Contemporary Theatre Review 15 (1)
Publication date: 01/02/2005
Number of pages: 187
Co-authors: Grzegorz Ziolkowski
Other relevant details: A special issue of the journal co-edited with the Programme Director of the Grotowski Institute, Poland. Submission consists of edition and authored article 'Grotowski's Ghosts', pp.46-58, translations from Polish into English, co-authored editorial pp.1-7 (50%), A Short Chronology, pp.8-16, plus numerous online materials including chronologies and bibliographies (50%). Available at

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Il Principe Costante di Jerzy Grotowski  Riconstruzione, with subtitles in English

Output type: Digital or visual media
Publisher: Centro Teatro Ateneo - University of Rome ‘La Sapienza'
Publication date: 01/01/2005
Media of output: DVD
Other relevant details: PROJECT OUTLINE DVD by Centro Teatro Ateneo, The University of ‘la Sapienza', Rome, 2005, ed. Ferruccio Marotti. During TRACING ROADS ACROSS project, Allain was asked to work on this with a team of European researchers from Italy, Poland, France, and Portugal, under the coordination of Professors Marotti and Luisa Tinti from Rome. His role was to translate Grotowski's script into English to make subtitles for the DVD. RESEARCH QUESTIONS - How can one use digital technologies to enhance our understanding of past performances and in particular a seminal piece directed by Grotowski? - How does one create subtitles that work across languages and that align with a performance text? - How to use Calderon's original text in English translation alongside Slowacki's version altered by Grotowski and in close relation to other European languages? STRATEGY AND APPROACH The project aim was to digitally remaster a recording of a performance of The Constant Prince made by Marotti in the 1970s, unpublished and known for its poor visual quality and poor sound, in fact recorded two years after the film. As well as remastering and thus greatly improving the quality of the film, Marotti wanted to include subtitles. The text is spoken very fast in the performance and is even difficult for native Poles to hear, but through subtitles can be accessible in direct relation with the performance text. The inclusion of the substantial and complex verse as subtitles helps correct mistaken views of Grotowski's work as being predominantly non-text based or ‘physical theatre'. Allain's translation thus offers new insights for English-language scholars into Grotowski's oeuvre. INDEX Poster and programme from launch event in Rome. English translation with subtitle timeline. Leaflet for 'Constant Prince re-viewed' event, a screening and symposium in UK as part of British Grotowski Project Italian review article of symposium.

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The Routledge Companion to Theatre and Performance

Output type: Authored book
Publisher: Routledge
Year of publication: 2006
Number of pages: 244
ISBN: 0415 25721 2
Co-authors: Jen Harvie
Other relevant details: Author contributions 50%