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RAE 2008 data collection system pilot released

31 August 2006

The RAE team has released the pilot version of the data collection system for the 2008 Research Assessment Exercise.

This release follows some two years of in-house development and testing. Throughout this period, the development team has been guided by a steering group comprising sector colleagues with a range of expertise in information systems, data management and RAE policy.

Some of the key differences between this new web-based system and the desktop applications used in previous RAEs are that

The pilot version of the system is available to all UK higher education institutions from the end of August to 15 December 2006. During this time, one or more designated administrators within each HEI will be able to register their users on the system and manage their access rights (read, write etc) and permissions in respect of different submissions and sets of data within submissions.

To help ensure that the final version of the system is fit-for-purpose, the RAE team would like to encourage widespread usage of the pilot version by HEI colleagues. To this end, the pilot version includes all of the core functionality required to prepare submissions: short of actually pressing the "submit" button, institutions will be able to enter, import, export, validate and print most submission data. The RAE team has set up a process for HEI users to give feedback on the system and to report bugs throughout the pilot period. Part of the purpose of the pilot phase is to identify problems in advance of the final release: we have identified a number of workarounds to known problems but expect other issues to be raised during the pilot phase.

Further development and bug fixing will continue throughout the autumn and the final version of the system will be launched at the end of December 2006. We fully expect that data entered through the pilot system will be retained when the system moves to the final version. In the unlikely event that this is not possible, we will work with HEIs to avoid any loss of information.

Further details on how to use the RAE 2008 data collection system during the pilot period and links to comprehensive user documentation are available from the data collection section of this web-site.