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UOA 2 Cancer Studies

UOA descriptor

The UOA includes research into all aspects of cancer, including laboratory and clinical studies.

The UOA covers the full range of research in this area, for example: basic cancer research, including cell and molecular biology, molecular genetics, immunology, physical sciences, cancer pathology; translational research including the full range of therapeutic strategies, eg, cancer pharmacology and drug development, radiation oncology, immunological, surgical and gene therapies; prevention strategies; epidemiology; palliative care in cancer and related fields; and clinical trials that relate to any aspect of the study of cancer as a disease.

Panel membership

For full details of Sub-panel 2's membership, please see panel membership.

Panel working methods

For information about Sub-panel 2's working methods, please see their panel criteria and working methods, available to download below.

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Sub-panel 2 is within Main Panel A. For full details of Main Panel A's working methods, please see their main panel criteria and working methods.