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UOA 10 Dentistry

UOA descriptor

The UOA includes: research in basic and applied dental and craniofacial sciences including restorative dentistry (comprising prosthodontics, conservative (operative) dentistry, endodontology and periodontology), oral and maxillofacial surgery, orthodontics, paediatric dentistry, oral medicine, oral pathology, oral microbiology, dental diagnostic sciences, dental special needs, dental public health, primary dental care, health services research (to include methodological work on quantitative and/or qualitative methods), dental education, biomaterials sciences and other such sciences relevant to dentistry.

Panel membership

For full details of Sub-panel 10's membership, please see panel membership.

Panel working methods

For information about Sub-panel 10's working methods, please see their panel criteria and working methods, available to download below.

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Sub-panel 10 is within Main Panel C. For full details of Main Panel C's working methods, please see their main panel criteria and working methods.