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UOA 32 Geography and Environmental Studies

UOA descriptor

The UOA includes all aspects of research - conceptual, substantive and applied - conducted within the disciplines of geography and environmental studies, as broadly defined. This research embraces a wide range of enquiries into natural, environmental and human phenomena, and their interrelationships in particular systems, contexts and locations. It includes the fields of physical and human geography (eg, geomorphology, biogeography, Quaternary science; and economic, social, cultural and historical geography), as well as those of environmental geography and environmental studies (eg, environmental governance, management and economics). It includes work on the history of geographical and environmental enquiry, as well as on technologies that are central to some research in geography and environmental studies, such as remote sensing and geospatial analyses. The UOA is therefore broadly based in its intellectual scope and substantive content, and is inherently interdisciplinary.

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