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UOA 45 Education

UOA descriptor

Research in education is multidisciplinary and closely related to a range of other disciplines with which it shares blurred boundaries. The Education UOA and its associated communities of users may be broadly described as concerned with research in the areas identified in the following illustrative and non-exhaustive lists:

  1. Research which focuses on education systems including: pre-school, primary, secondary, further, higher, teacher or other professional, adult, continuing, vocational and community education or training; informal learning; workbased learning, lifelong learning.
  2. Research which addresses substantive areas such as: assessment, curriculum, teaching, pedagogy, learning, inter-professional education, information and communication technology in education, special educational needs; curricular areas; comparative, international and development education; education and industry; education policy; organisation, governance and management; social exclusion/inclusion and equity issues.
  3. Research which employs qualitative and quantitative methodologies drawn from a variety of disciplinary traditions (including but not limited to applied linguistics, economics, geography, history, humanities, linguistics, mathematics, philosophy, psychology, science, sociology and other disciplines of education) as well as other interdisciplinary methodologies, such as: action research, case study, ethnography, evaluation, literature review, critical theory, documentary analysis, analytic work.

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