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UOA 57 English Language and Literature

UOA descriptor

The UOA includes: English and Scots language (historical and modern); English and Scots linguistic studies, including applied linguistics; Old Norse/Icelandic (language, literature and linguistic studies); English literature from the 9th to the 21st centuries; American literature; comparative literature; colonial and post-colonial literatures and language; women’s writing; creative writing; life writing; children’s literature; critical and cultural theory and cultural history; gender and gay studies; editorial scholarship, bibliography, textual criticism and theory, and history of the book; Irish literature in English; Scottish literature in English and Scots; Welsh literature in English; and applied, practicebased, and pedagogical research in English.

Panel membership

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Panel working methods

For information about Sub-panel 57's working methods, please see their panel criteria and working methods, available to download below.

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