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Guidance to panels

Ensuring sub-panelsí compliance with the guiding principles of RAE 2008

37. Main panels will:

Describe, with regard to each of the components of the submission, how the sub-panels should define appropriate criteria of excellence in recognising quality.

Agree the range of indicators of excellence that are appropriate in the disciplines covered by the main panel. The range of indicators should be sufficiently wide as to capture all types of research, including practice-based research, applied research, basic/strategic research, interdisciplinary research. Where the main panel could reasonably expect to receive for assessment submissions that cite evidence of applied or practice-based research, define a brief typology for this and appropriate criteria of excellence by which the sub-panels will judge it.

Guide the sub-panels to exemplify indicators of quality consistently in criteria statements. Examples of indicators used to judge research output, for example, might include originality, imaginative range, or significance, as demonstrated by the extent to which knowledge or understanding in the field has been increased or practice has been or is likely to be improved.

Discuss and agree the parameters of sub-panel variation so that each sub-panel chair approaches the task of setting criteria and working methods with the principles of equity and consistency uppermost in mind. These parameters might include, for example, the permitted degree of variation (if any) in the maximum number of research outputs listed per researcher; or the relative weight that the sub-panels will attach to the different components of submissions (see paragraph 38d iii).

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