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RAE 2008 Panel criteria and working methods

To: Heads of HEFCE-funded higher education institutions
Heads of HEFCW-funded higher education institutions
Heads of SFC-funded higher education institutions
Heads of universities in Northern Ireland
Of interest to those responsible for: Research assessment, Research policy, Planning
Reference: RAE 01/2006
Publication date: January 2006
Enquiries to: Ed Hughes, Davina Madden or Raegan Hiles
tel 0117 931 7267

Executive summary


1. This document describes the criteria and working methods for the main panels and unit of assessment (UOA) sub-panels in the 2008 Research Assessment Exercise (RAE 2008).

Key points

2. These statements of criteria and working methods have been revised and finalised following a public consultation on earlier draft versions which we conducted over summer 2005. They take account of views expressed through the consultation by higher education institutions and their staff, subject associations and other stakeholder bodies.

3. The main and sub-panel statements of criteria and working methods should be read alongside both the generic statement in Section 2 and the guidance on data requirements for the 2008 RAE (RAE 03/2005 ‘Guidance on submissions’).

Action required

4. This document is for information and guidance. No action is required.


Generic Statement

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Full document


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